Below Deck Mediterranean Captain Sandy Yawn Malia White

Below Deck Mediterranean Star Captain Sandy Yawn Says Malia White Is “Secretly Gay”

To say this season of Below Deck Mediterranean has been a bit of a dumpster fire is putting it mildly. The series said good-bye to former Chief Stew, Hannah Ferrier when she was terminated for having “drugs” on board the yacht. Hannah wasn’t crushing Adderall and listening to EDM in the bathroom, she had an undisclosed prescription for Valium and a CBD vape pen. Thankfully bosun, Malia White was there to keep everyone’s moral compass in check and reported Hannah’s violation to Captain Sandy Yawn.

Viewers aren’t getting the “ladies in charge” vibe they were hoping for, but Captain Sandy has definitely taken Malia under her wing. She even went so far as to hire Malia’s psycho boyfriend to replace the much-maligned Chef Kiko Lorran. Viewers have been pretty furious at both Sandy and Malia for how Hannah’s dismissal was handled, but now Malia might have her own bone to pick with Sandy. Recently the captain took part in a Cameo video, and what Sandy said could be the catalyst to sink her ship.

People have scrutinized Sandy’s leadership style in the past. Playing favorites to some, micro-managing others, but now Sandy might have crossed the line. And if you thought she had already crossed the line, wait for it. She erased that line, drew three more lines, and crossed those too. In a now-public Cameo for a fan, Sandy seemingly outed Malia as a lesbian. As far as I know, Malia does not identify as gay or bisexual. But that isn’t our business, RIGHT SANDY?

The video clip shows Sandy in what appears to be a very animated mood. She was joking about the Cameo recipient’s wife and then, with no context of the subject changing, Sandy says, “Malia… I think she’s secretly gay, to be honest. That’s my opinion. Everybody in production thinks that.” Honey, are you okay? Is this an inside joke? Is Malia in on this joke? Or did this woman just make an extremely stupid error because she thought it was humorous? Oh, but it was nice of Sandy to drag Bravo production to the bottom with her.


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Let’s be clear, there is nothing wrong with being in the LGBTQIA community. Sandy has been public and open about her own life and relationship. What isn’t cute is laughing and speculating about someone’s sexuality without their permission. It could actually be quite harmful, but we have seen how Sandy handled Hannah’s anxiety situation.

The video continues with Sandy laughing and covering her mouth saying, “This is going to be public, isn’t it!?!” Listen, I love blatant inappropriateness as much as anyone, but this borders on truly bizarre. Sandy ended with, “So maybe, who knows. Ohhhhh, I crack myself up.” So, Sandy backs Malia up on not wanting to be called “Sweetie”, but throws up her personal info to the world? No ma’am.


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If Malia swims in the lady pond, that is her deal. This could very well be a running jest between Sandy, Malia, and production. But if it isn’t, then Sandy just made another bad move. Malia is currently dealing with the end of her relationship with the petulant chef boyfriend, and today she is waking up to the news she might be gay. If Malia doesn’t co-sign her captain’s funny video, this could be Sandy’s last voyage at Bravo.


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