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Teresa Giudice Slammed For Throwing Big Party Without Masks For Her Daughter’s Birthday

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice has had a tough year, as have many of us. Her estranged husband, Joe Giudice, is living in Italy. In April of 2020, he lost his deportation appeal and cannot return to the United States. Let’s just say Teresa isn’t crying about Joe’s situation.

Many RHONJ viewers will never forget when Teresa travelled to Italy in November of 2019 with their four daughters to reunite with Joe. Of course, the Bravo cameras were there, capturing every awkward and cringe-worthy moment between Joe and Teresa. The duo announced that they were separating, which surprised no one.

In March, filming of Season 11 was stopped due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Jersey Housewives resumed filming over the summer.

Now Teresa is coming under fire for holding a birthday party for her daughter without observing any coronavirus safety measures. According to US Weekly, Teresa posted a photo of herself with her daughter, Gabriella Giudice, to celebrate Gabriella’s 16th birthday. In the Instagram photo, Gabriella is wearing a two-piece red dress while Teresa is in a black dress.


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Gabriella’s black and red themed party was held at the Dream Downtown Hotel in New York City. Teresa posted a video of the soiree on Instagram, but it has since been removed. Hmm…I wonder why?

In the video clip, more than a dozen guests gathered around Gabriella to sing “Happy Birthday.” The group was not social distancing, and the only person wearing a mask was the waiter who handed a candle to the birthday girl. Not cool, Teresa.


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Teresa captioned the video, “I’m so lucky to be your mom…Happy Sweet 16th Birthday beautiful!” Teresa wrote. “Happy Sweet 16 my beautiful Gabriella! You looked so absolutely beautiful last night celebrating & I’m in awe of you every day,” the proud mom remarked. “You are so smart, kind, funny & dedicated to school and soccer, I can’t wait to see the great things you do in the future!”

US Weekly reported that in New York, state law requires everyone over the age of 2 to wear a face covering in public, if they are medically able to, and if they can’t stay at least 6 feet away from others.


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In addition, it is “strongly” recommended that people “wear a face covering as much as possible when in a shared indoor space outside your home,” even if you can stay 6 feet away from other people. Unfortunately, Teresa didn’t get the memo. Or chose to ignore it.

People were quick to comment on the video, and let’s just say that they were not impressed. “How this whole family hasn’t gotten covid I’ll never know,” one fan stated. Another commented on the post, “Curious to see how many COVID cases will come from this since you obviously didn’t require masks or social distancing.” Teresa didn’t respond to the negative comments.


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Her ex Joe extended his birthday wishes to Gabriella in a sweet Instagram post. (There is some rough grammar ahead.) “You are breath taking! I want all of your greatest dreams to come true,” Joe wrote. “You deserve the absolute best that life has to offer. you helped mommy and me with your sisters so much you truly are a dream come true. I love you so much. Happy birthday Gabriella.”


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