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Monique Samuels Claims Wendy Osefo Supported Her Privately, But Lashed Out In Group Setting; Wendy Counters That She Held Both Monique And Candiace Dillard Accountable

Other than Karen Huger and Ashley Darby, the Real Housewives of Potomac cast members are all against Monique Samuels after she put her hands on Candiace Dillard (and refused to let go of her hair).

The group (minus Candiace) had a sit-down with Monique, which took up an entire episode. Gizelle Bryant walked out for attention with her faux bodyguard. Robyn Dixon wasn’t pulling any punches (metaphorically) when Monique said she had “no remorse.” Wendy Osefo continued to remind us of her resumé like she does during every single episode. In real time, Monique and Wendy are at odds on social media.

In an interview with Richie Skye, Monique recalled, “I got a text from Wendy, Wendy Osefo, and she text me to check on me. So, when I left the event,  I text her back and I said ‘Wow. Thank you so much. I appreciate you checking on me.’  And she called me and we talked for twenty minutes.”

Monique claimed, “In that conversation, she actually said ‘Girl, I remember when I was in high school. I remember. Yeah, you got egged on. I can relate to that.’ This, that, and the other, she was saying all of these things as if she understood my position. She didn’t say she agreed with how things went down, but she came from a more understanding place. And I appreciated that.”


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However that changed once the cameras started filming. Monique shared, “In front of the whole group, [she] completely flipped the script. Completely. It went from almost support to the lashing, you know? So, I was very surprised, but in that moment, I was like ‘I’m not here to argue with them. I came here to be accountable for my actions and kind of piece everything together.'”

Monique recalled, “I was met with them kicking me six feet, twelve feet, sixteen feet deep.” Well at least they didn’t actually kick you… or pull on your hair… or run after you.


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Wendy caught wind of Monique’s claims and clapped back via Twitter, writing, “Just so we are clear, after the fight (but before this sit down at Karen’s) I spoke to BOTH women to check-in to see how they were doing.”

Then, Wendy shared a screenshot and tweeted, “Yes, @iammrssamuels. I texted you & we spoke via phone. I was genuinely concerned. The #RHOP ladies know this. Nothing new. They also know, that during our call you said ‘Candiace tested me & I have never failed a test’. Not sure your purpose of mentioning me, but be blessed.”


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Wendy also tweeted, “The cornerstone of any relationship is accountability. The same way I took the knife IMMEDIATELY out of Candiace’s hand, is the same way I will hold Monique accountable for her actions.”


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