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Real Housewives Of Potomac Recap: Fully Charged

The fight has happened on The Real Housewives Of Potomac, but the drama’s just beginning. Dealing with the aftermath of Monique Samuels vs Candiace Dillard Bassett is equally emotionally taxing. We now know that Candiace is seeking legal action for what went down. This is going to send shockwaves into the group. The women are going to have a lot of opinions about this, and Candiace likely won’t like them.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens with Monique moving forward. There’s multiple group events moving forward, but she might not be at any of them. What does this mean for her friendships with Karen Huger and Ashley Darby? They’re the only ones on her side right now. She needs them in order to retain a place in this group. If one of them turns on her in the coming weeks, it’s DONEZO for T’Challa’s mommy.

Michael Darby Real Housewives Of Potomac

I’m not super impressed with Wendy Osefo’s debut season. We’ve had so many stellar newbies lately on Housewives, and she isn’t hitting that level for me. There’s nothing inherently wrong with her. She just doesn’t do it for me. I’d like her to be a little bit more exciting in group scenes. She fades to the background too much.

Wendy and her husband Eddie Osefo have feuding mothers which really complicates things. It’s caused a major rift in their family. Eddie’s relationship with his siblings is severely strained as a result. That really sucks. Hopefully the new baby can bring some joy to the family and be the key to reconciliation.

Ashley brings Michael Darby along for some dual counseling. This ought to be good. Someone get me some popcorn for this s**tshow. I really hope Ashley isn’t naïve enough to believe Michael’s story about what went down in the hotel room. It’s such a crock. It doesn’t even make sense. However, whatever makes her happy makes me happy I guess.

It boils down to Michael feeling neglected because of the arrival of Dean. Ashley’s focused has shifted. That’s natural. Michael being open and honest in therapy sessions like this are going to be crucial to fixing things. As long as he’s willing to be transparent about his feelings, maybe they can salvage their marriage.

Wendy is choosing not to invite Monique to the Sip N See. Unfortunately, that’s the position Monique is going to find herself in more and more. She opened the door to isolation when she people her hands on Candiace. You reap with you sew. Period. I don’t blame anyone for excluding her because she’s proven herself to be a ticking time bomb.

Karen is still riding high after her Homecoming. What an extravaganza that was. Karen was feeling herself more than ever, and the town was falling all over her. She has to be the greatest export from that town. The Grand Dame was holding center court in a big way back in her home town.

Karen Huger Real Housewives Of Potomac

Karen and Ray Huger have a conversation about his uncertainty about his love for her. She questions whether her newfound fame and success could have started to intimidate him. He flips the script and says maybe all of it has gone to HER head. Oh boy! I love Karen, but I suspect that to be the truth.

Everything between Candiace and Monique has escalated now that she’s filed criminal charges. She did what she had to do. I get Monique is a mother and all of that, but she should have thought of that before she got violent. All of those factors are not Candiace’s problem. Monique should look in the mirror because she made this bed.

Robyn Dixon is making that coin with her new little hat line. The IRS is jumping for joy right now because they want what they’re owed. Ten thousand dollars down. Eighty thousand to go. Despite wanting a new home and a marriage, that needs to be tabled for now. Following this tax drama, Robyn has some bills to pay!

Candiace told the court she wants Monique to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. That’s her right. Monique crossed so many lines and violated Candiace in the worst way. Despite whatever she claims, Monique’s social media posts prove she has no remorse.

Karen’s attempts to play this down the middle are rubbing Candiace the wrong way. Obviously Karen cares about Candiace, but she’s trying way too hard to be Switzerland in this. Since we have a lot of season left, I’d assume their relationship is going to deteriorate. Karen should openly make a choice in this. This isn’t some petty thing. Candiace was violently assaulted. CALL IT OUT in PUBLIC.

Ashley Darby Real Housewives Of Potomac

Ashley visits her uncle, and her mom shows up with a full eye patch. What the hell happened to her? I am NOT here for this wayward pirate situation. Momma needs a makeover.

Ashley fills them in on Michael’s therapeutic breakthroughs about his childhood. What does Michael’s father yelling at him as a child have to do with him sleeping with other women? I think what happened to him was an awful and valid issue. However, I’m somehow missing how they correlate to one another. Please fill me in.

At this point Ashley has publicly stated so many times that she’d leave Michael if it happens again. Therefore, if she doesn’t follow through after all of that, she’s going to look so stupid. I truly hope it all works out for her. At the same time though, Michael has the worst track record ever. It’s only a matter of time before he finds himself embroiled in yet another scandal.

Karen Huger Real Housewives Of Potomac

Eddie’s mom never responded to his text reaching out to attend the baby’s event. That’s’ really disheartening. ON A HILARIOUS NOTE, ROBYN IS THE FIRST TO ARRIVE, AND SHE IS THE ONLY ONE THERE. The Queen of Tardiness is there before anyone else. Holy hell that’s so hilarious. I love that for her.

Karen and Gizelle Bryant arrive and break down the news that Monique has been charged with assault. Well, not Karen. She dips from the conversation to avoid talking about her friend. Smart move. Let’s see how she reacts when Candiace is at the table. I suspect the tension will continue growing between them.

Candiace is officially in the building, and this assault news is going to be the talk of the party. She did what she did, and she said what she said. End of story. She doesn’t owe anyone an explanation for pursuing legal action. It’s her right.

Wendy Osefo Real Housewives Of Potomac

It’s so wild watching people throwing cash at the baby at this party. Nigerian GOALS. I’m not going lie, I’m a little jealous of all of that. Show me the money.

The women try to tell Candiace they don’t think Monique needs to go to jail, but she’s not having it. Monique didn’t assault them. They don’t get a say in what avenue she takes. Ashley tries to make excuses for Monique by bringing up the yelling on both sides. Alright, that’s great, but that doesn’t change who took things to the next level.

Candiace repeatedly accuses Ashley of being paid to speak on Monique’s behalf. She goes for Ashley’s throat about her marriage, but Chris Bassett urges her to shut up. He’s trying to avoid another confrontation at this party. Ashley is totally in the wrong right now though. She wasn’t even in the room when it happen. Worry about your shattered home life.

Karen is next on Candiace’s target list tonight, and her explanation about Monique’s feelings don’t sit well. Karen alludes that her opinion has changed about someone, but she won’t say who. Listen, it sucks to be forced to choose between your friends, but wrong is wrong. Don’t be a coward Grand Dame.


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