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Kelly Dodd Says Braunwyn Windham-Burke Is “A Poser And Loser Who’s Never Done Anything With Her Life”

It’s safe to assume that the current Real Housewives of Orange County season is shaping up to be a rough one for Braunwyn Windham-Burke. She’s venturing into sobriety. Apparently, she’s “renegotiating” her marriage with Sean Burke in addition to dating someone else.

She has a lot going on with her personal storylines and with the group. At one point, she wasn’t speaking to any of her co-stars. Recently, she revealed that she has finally talked to Shannon Beador, but it’s unclear how close they actually are right now. She accused Emily Simpson and Kelly Dodd of unfollowing her on social media because they have different political beliefs. And, well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg for Braunwyn’s drama with her co-stars.

Emily denied unfollowing Braunwyn due to their differing political beliefs and she accused Braunwyn of being judgmental hypocrite. Kelly called out Braunwyn for traveling all over the country without her children during a pandemic. She also said Braunwyn’s kids spend a considerable amount of time with nannies.

And, well, Kelly’s insults are getting childish. That’s really not surprising considering that Kelly famously called Emily’s husband Shane Simpson a “dork” as an insult. And she is the same woman who says “that’s my jam” in 2020.


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Recently, Kelly shared a selfie video while she was getting some sort of facial treatment. What happened to just relaxing at the spa? Most likely, she was getting a free or discounted treatment in exchange for the publicity of sharing this on social media. But, anyway, I’ve digressed a bit.

While Kelly was getting a facial treatment, she declared, “I just got these things done on my face and Braunwyn copied me because she’s just such a poser and a loser. She’s never done anything with her life.”


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They live down the street from each other. Isn’t it logical that they would go to the same doctor’s office or spa, just based on geography alone? Does Braunwyn getting the same facial really equate to all of the insults that Kelly hurled her way?


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