Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City Fans Slam Jen Shah For Saying Kissing Causes AIDS

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City started out its first episode with Jen Shah’s husband Sharrieff Shah sweetly making her breakfast and talking about how beautiful she is. Then, their two sons Sharrieff Jr. and Omar joined them for breakfast.

That’s when Jen turned to her youngest son and asked, “Have you kissed a girl yet?” Then, she warned, “If you kiss a girl, you might be like ‘Oh, she’s cute.’ Guess what, you can contract herpes, probably AIDS.” Her oldest son chimed in to tell Jen, “No, I don’t think that’s true.” It felt like that sex-ed scene in Mean Girls, except that was a scripted movie with dialogue written for comedic effect. This is supposed to be real life and RHOSLC fans weren’t happy about Jen’s remark.

One viewer commented, “Yoooooooo don’t tell these kids they can get aids from kissing someone!!!” Another couldn’t believe that this is how the series started out, tweeting, “Not 6 min into #RHOSLC and this woman is telling her son he could “probably” contract AIDS from kissing…girl…” A different fan remarked, “This woman telling her son he can get AIDS from kissing. This is already too much.”

Telling your kids that you can contract herpes from kissing is realistic…informing them that they can contract AIDS from kissing is downright stupid,” one Real Housewives of Salt Lake City fan said. Another said, “It’s 2020 and a mom says to her son on @BravoTV #RHOSLC #RHOSL that you can get #AIDS from kissing? Where’s the education?”


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One fan mentioned executive producer Andy Cohen (in a tweet that he probably ignored), writing, “ur a gay man of the age that couldve been dead right now of AIDS. How is there no public apology for or from @TheRealJenShah ignorant reprehensible remarks about ‘catching AIDS from kissing’? Its an opportunity 2 educate!”

A fan declared, “I guess there always has to be an tasteless ,uneducated one in every franchise and obviously @TheRealJenShah is the one on RHOSLC. Thinking you can get AIDS from kissing…educate yourself lady ignorance looks good on no one.” Someone else remarked, “UMM Jen is it.. you can’t get Aids from kissing. This is hurtful and dangerous to spread.”


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Another threw Jen’s rival Mary Cosby under the bus as well, tweeting, “The medical advice tonight Jen: if you kiss a girl, youll get aids. Mary: if your legs get amputated, you should have drank more water.” Yeah, that one didn’t make sense either.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]