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Austen Kroll Says It’s Important For Southern Charm To Talk About Racism; Says The Show Was “White Privilege Nonsense”

The off camera Southern Charm drama has been absolutely flowing during and prior to this latest season. But let’s go back a little bit. This show, though loved for years, has also been touted as one of the most problematic Bravo has ever seen. They literally had episodes scrubbed from existence they were so disgusting. We’ve had empty couch seats at reunions due to sexual assault allegations. Yet somehow this season we have an entire racist monkey emoji fiasco. Not to mention a super lackluster rich guy acting entitled to his friends girlfriend?

I would ask if these people will ever learn, but I think the proof is in the pudding. Using words like “sanctimonious” then silently allowing slut shaming of a single mother. Ringing bells to alert the help and then purposely appropriating and selling entire outfits to contribute to your already massive wealth. The hypocrisy is THICK. At best, these seem more like morbid compulsions and not conscious choices. At worst, well….you know.

Bravo and other networks have clearly been taking a more firm stance on the implicit and explicit racism displayed on reality screens. There have been cast firings, hirings, and total shake ups. Almost no show has been untouched. Austen Kroll has recently spoke out about how this has affected Southern Charm.

Austen shared with Entertainment Tonight that outside of his dating drama this season, there are many bigger issues for the cast to reckon with. Austen shared, “I think it’s very important to take it head-on, because … before, we didn’t talk about it, and our show was, like, a bunch of white-privileged nonsense.” The whiter the jeans the whiter the privilege. Amiright?


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Austen said, “It’s tough, and I know that we all have an opinion on it, but some of us are more timid than others to just attack it.” 

With regards to his own reaction to the season, Austen revealed, “I’m kind of terrified — and some might say you have no backbone — but, like, it’s just tricky waters that we find ourselves in.” He added, “But we do attempt to breach it, and I think that’s important. That’s all you can do, is listen and try to learn and better yourself.”


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Austen also thinks that the cast’s commitment to being truthful about the South’s history and their experiences will prove doubtful viewers wrong. He said, “Everyone on the show can pat themselves on the back…Y’all will be like, ‘Wait. What?! We have to wait for season 8 now?’ Like, in typical fashion that’s what happens when you watch the show, and I think it’s gonna continue with tradition.”


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