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Austen Kroll Reacts To Patricia Altschul Meddling In His Relationship With Madison LeCroy On Southern Charm; Says Patricia Has Never Washed Her Own Hair In Her Life

Patricia Altschul always functioned as the matriarch of Southern Charm.  She offered dating advice to cast members and played matchmaker with her themed dinner parties.  Landon Clements and Thomas Ravenel never worked out and both cast members quit the show, but it looks like Patricia has a new protege in Madison LeCroy.

Patricia is not the only cast member that has an opinion about Madison and Austen Kroll’s relationship.  But no one throws shade quite like Patricia, sipping a drink in her parlor with the man she really wants to see Madison dating.  On last week’s episode, John Pringle made it known that he was interested in Madison, and while Patricia couldn’t be more pleased, Austen was left incredulous.

“I was definitely disappointed to see that, but not entirely floored, right?” Austen told Entertainment Tonight regarding Patricia’s meddling.  

And though Austen understands that clients will often gossip with their stylists, he still doesn’t take fondly to being labeled, “lackadaisical,” by Patricia or that he is, “not Budweiser.  Madison deserves Budweiser.”


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“You know, Patricia, as a rich person does, gets a blowout from Madison two, three times a week — like, I don’t think that woman has washed her own hair in her entire life, you know?,” Austen said, “so, Madison washes her hair and they talk and gossip and do the whole thing, and [Patricia’s butler, Michael] makes them a nice, little drink and, as most girlfriends do, they tell them the negative.”

Did Madison say anything to prompt Patricia into thinking that she wanted to move on from Austen?  Regardless, Patricia loves to play high society matchmaker.  Perhaps Austen shouldn’t take it to much to heart.  But he should know that a friendship with the family will not spare him from Patricia’s disdain.


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“So, [Patricia] was like, ‘Oh, honey. I have a man for you. He’s a 45-year-old divorcee…’ and all these things and it’s, like, she knows how close that [her son, Whitney Sudler-Smith] and I are, and I just thought that made her and I … friendly, more than friendly,” Austen said, “God, I’ve eaten dinner at her home many, many, times, so I was surprised.”

Austen raises the stakes by taking a dig at Patricia’s marital history.  He also implies that he might be Mr. Forever for Madison.  “I’m like, do you want her to be on her fourth marriage, too,” he quipped.  


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“Everyone loves her so much and no one really dares to kind of cross that, you know?” Austen opined regarding Patricia standing within the community, “like, what are you doing? Are you committing suicide? What are you doing?”

Perhaps Austen should take the advice and just let Patricia have her say.  Can someone that recommended Thomas as a worthwhile suitor be taken seriously anyway?

Austen revealed that tensions between him and Patricia will escalate as the season progresses, but denies a “feud.”


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“I don’t want to oversell it, like I’m coming for her,” Austen concluded, “that’s not what happened at all.”

John Pringle, meanwhile, seems to lack the energy and motivation to be a threat.  It looks like this will play out more between Austen and Patricia.


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