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Meredith Marks Says There’s “More To The Story” With Son Brooks Marks’ Issues With Jen Shah; Teases Future Drama On Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City

Believe it or not, there’s one steadfast rule when it comes to Bravolebrities. Hands off the spawn. Kids can be running around like spoiled demonic entities on a booze cruise, and no unsavory comments will be made. But once “the children” reach a certain age, the line can become muddy. If a Housewife has an offspring who is a whole ass adult and that whole ass adult knowingly throws themselves into a storyline, all bets could be off.

That brings us to Brooks Marks, son of Meredith Marks, who is not Lisa Barlow, on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. Meredith has two children, who apparently attend college when no cameras are in Mom’s living room. Brooks has been “taking a semester off” to support Meredith during a personal struggle. Translation, boo boo wants to be on tv. Well, ‘ol Brooksy got his wish and has fully inserted himself into some drama, Jen Shah style.

Oh Brooks. We see you, honey. Viewers’ time with Brooks is apparently far from over. While we might be getting a bit too much of Brooks, he allegedly got too much of Jen’s kitty cat, and is now suffering from emotional trauma. Now his emotional trauma is our problem.

One night when Jen was feeling lonely at her rented ski chalet in the hills, production called she decided to visit her buddy Meredith. Meredith has been navigating some cheating marital distress and nothing circumvents despair better than alcohol. Naturally Jen arrived dressed for the winter wonderland in high heels and an even higher skirt, because, have you seen Jen? After a couple of blinks, Jen starts doing some Solid Gold dance moves on the couch and inadvertently and ALLEGEDLY gave Brooks a view of vagina town.


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Pearls were clutched and Brooks took it upon himself to comment on Jen’s “inappropriate behavior”. I’m all, “inappropriate behavior” is skipping college to be on a Bravo show, but whatevs. Meredith values the close relationship she has with her children, but since when is it a thing to hang out with your parents and drink? Oh, since they got on television.

For some reason Brooks is getting lots of confessional time, so mission accomplished. And according to Meredith’s social media, we will be seeing a lot more of Brooks. Oh… yay… irealhousewives shared the theatrics between Brooks and Jen continues. Meredith said, “There’s a lot more to the story than was shown. You will see…” What we see is Meredith trying to make Brooks a thing.


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A fan commented on Meredith’s post and wrote, “We as gay men have to stop villainizing the vag!” Fact. Might as well be grossed out by an arm at this point. Meredith responded, “Not about villainizing at all! There’s more to the story that you will find out!” What? Like Jen has been the only one on the streets promoting Brooks’ clothing line?

Another follower questioned how Brooks, being both gay and Jewish can judge others so harshly. It’s not because he was born that way, judging is a learned characteristic. Meredith replied, “There was not judging involved here. My children were uncomfortable and rightfully so. You have not seen the whole story. Brooks was simply expressing his feelings to me, not judging.” Is Meredith also watching this program?


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Maybe send the kids back to school because this isn’t Real Delicate Adult Children of Salt Lake City. Maybe don’t invite friends over and fire up the boozy blender if fragile offspring are hanging out. Instead of allowing Brooks to have the spotlight and so many words, it might be time send him out of the room when the Housewives are around. But don’t worry, I’m sure we will get that “whole story” from Brooks in no time.


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