Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City Star Meredith Marks Reacts To Jen Shah Throwing Her Birthday Party That Was More About Jen

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City just premiered, and it is fascinating. Meredith Marks, one of the RHOSLC cast members, feels that there is a great blend of both religious and ethnic diversity on the show. Meredith is Jewish and is from Chicago. She is a jewelry designer favored by celebrities, even Real Housewives of New York alum Tinsley Mortimer.

Jen Shah, who is Bravo’s first Polynesian Housewife, appears to be the leader, and the loudest, member of the group. After all, she communicates with her staff and family with her microphone.

Jen was raised Mormon but is converting to Islam. Her husband, Sharrieff Shah, is a Black football coach, and Jen can’t stand the inequality that Black members of the Mormon Church experienced until 1978.

Jen threw a lavish birthday party for Meredith, but it was hard to tell that it was for Meredith. There was a step and repeat floral wall with the words “Shah Chalet” on it. It was an elegant affair with shirtless, good-looking men serving champagne and appetizers in the frigid cold.


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When the Tongan dancers that Jen flew in performed, it was obvious that Jen had hijacked Meredith’s party. During the premiere episode of RHOSLC, Jen stated that the Polynesian dancers “really have nothing to do with Meredith. They have everything to do with me.” Bingo!

According to Bravo’s The Daily Dish, Meredith sounded off on Watch What Happens Live about the soiree. Host Andy Cohen had his hands full wrangling the entire cast virtually.


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Andy asked, “Meredith, were you at all offended that your birthday party seemed to be a little more about Jen than about your birthday?”

“You don’t kick a gift horse in the mouth. Jen can throw a party however she wants to throw it,” Meredith responded. “That’s up to her. It’s her party at the end of the day.” I think Meredith meant to say, “look a gift horse in the mouth.” Regardless, Merediths was grateful for the party. However, Jen didn’t understand what she was attempting to convey


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Of course, Jen weighed in, wielding her bedazzled microphone. Jen said, “You don’t kick a what? What did you say? You’re calling me a horse.” Jen even added the “neigh” sound to drive her point home. That noise is annoying!

“No, I was not calling you a horse. It’s an expression. You well know what that means,” Meredith replied.

Jen, who was sporting a gloriously jaunty hat, added, “No, I don’t. I mean I know I look like I’m at the Kentucky Derby and sh*t, but that’s fine.” Again, Jen clearly didn’t understand that Meredith was thankful for the party.


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Meredith took to her Instagram Story the following day to explain herself. She shared a photo of herself in the same ensemble that she sported on WWHL. It was accompanied by a screenshot reading, “What does it mean to kick a gift horse in the mouth? Don’t be ungrateful when you receive a gift. Do not be critical of a gift you receive. Do not refuse something good that is offered. Do not be unappreciative of or question a gift you have received.”

And once again, Meredith, the saying is “look a gift horse in the mouth.” RHOSLC is off to a strong start, and I am here for it!


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]