Danni Baird Calls Out Kathryn Dennis For Not Coming Through As A Friend

Kathryn Dennis seems to flit in and out of people’s lives.  She blew hot and cold with baby daddy Thomas Ravenel and follows the same pattern of behavior with her friendships.  It’s either a lot of involvement or silence.  And Danni Baird, who has been true supporter of Kathryn’s through the seasons, has come face to face with this realization.  How she processes this info and what decisions she makes will be revealed on the next episode of Southern Charm, but last week Danni was clearly hurt and disappointed.

The fallout of Kathryn’s “monkey emoji” mishap has come to a head at a sensitive time.  Cast member Leva Bonaparte, speaking in tandem with Black Lives Matter, advocated for the removal of archaic statues of historical figures that advocated for slavery in Charleston.  Kathryn’s ancestor was one of them.  The removal of the statue did not interest Kathryn as much as trying to restore her image after the emoji news broke.  So she reached out to Leva multiple times to navigate the situation.  Danni felt hurt that Kathryn did not include her in the process.  The reality is, Kathryn specifically needed Leva’s help to do damage control.

Danni revealed her feelings about Kathryn to Entertainment Tonight after the episode aired.  She said, “I don’t know why, but I will at least–at the very least–be her, like, lowest battery bar.  It comes second nature to me and I don’t know how else to explain it but that.”

Old habits die hard, and Danni seems unwilling to change the dynamic of her friendship with Kathryn.  But she will certainly confront her about the lack of reciprocity when defending a friend in a conflict.


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“I was like, OK, you didn’t defend me when I was in arguments with Madison [LeCroy] last year, but you’ve known Katie as, like, a side-friend and you’re gonna get up on the internet and defend her because [of a] Trump rally?”


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Danni concluded, “like, those are the things I’m talking about. I’m like, what frame of mind were you in?  You know, she doesn’t like confrontation.  So, to me it was one of those things — dude, [be] a reciprocal friend.”

Is it confrontation that Kathryn avoids or being called out on her behavior?


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