Life After Lockup Recap: The Girl With The Three Fiancés

There’s so much at stake this season for the couples of Life After Lockup. They’re being tested like never before. Lacey & John had to hear the worst news an expectant couple could ever hear; two of their babies did not survive. Horrible! The only thing that could be worse at this point is if John somehow reemerged. Let’s not forget poor Brittany Santiago who is watching her mother fall apart from addiction. What a helpless feeling.

Shawn is probably going through the wringer more than anyone this season on Life After Lockup. He is constantly feeling as if he’s on the verge of losing $50,000. If his runaway fiancé decides to skip court, resulting in a major financial loss for him. On top of that, he suspects Destinie might be pregnant after finding a pregnancy test box at home. He has no idea where she is, but if she doesn’t return, it’s going to wreck his life.

Lacey, Shane, & John

Shane Life After Lockup

Shane doesn’t drink anymore which will do him some good in his marriage. On the baby front, the baby is developing well, and things are looking good! It was crushing for them to learn the twins didn’t make it. However, it looks like they have a healthy baby on the way, and that’s what matters most.

As far as Shane knows, John is completely out of the picture. How accurate is that? He thought that before. No matter what steps they take to rid John of their lives, he always comes back. John is shown being released from custody, so it’s only a matter of time before he attempts to wedge himself into their marriage.

Marcelino & Brittany

Brittany Santiago Life After Lockup

Brittany’s mother lost the apartment she lived in because she couldn’t afford it anymore. Her life is in total shambles. It’s so wild what addiction can do to a person. The motel that she’s staying in is not a good environment for someone who needs to recover. Things are only going to get worse if she doesn’t get it.

Brittany used to stay in that same motel when she was younger on drugs and being sexually abused. This is a place she should never be forced to come face to face with again. However, her mother’s newfound state leaves her no choice. Brittany doesn’t want that kind of life for her because she knows where it leads.


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It’s shocking to see the state Brittany’s mom is in. She’s lost nearly 40 pounds since the last time Brittany saw her. Drugs are the obvious answer for the rapid transformation. The way her mom tries to play it all off is a little concerning as well.

Brittany’s mother tries to tell her she’s getting better and working on things. It sure doesn’t look like that. Brittany looks terrified watching her mother on this downward spiral. She’s trying to convince her she has a problem, but it’s deny, deny, and deny. If her mom can admit she needs the help, Brittany is willing to help her. This is the life raft her mom needs right now. If she doesn’t accept it, she’s going to drown in the drugs.

Sarah & Michael

Sarah Simmons Life After Lockup

Sarah Simmons is the worst. There, I said it. She could totally cut Michael Simmons off if she wanted to. She doesn’t have to play this weird flirting game with that “man”. Half of the chaos in her life is because she allows it to take place.

Why would she meet with Michael at a hotel before court? That sends a litany of mixed messages. Malcolm questions if Michael will even show up to court. At least he’s up to speed with how this guy operates. His children never have and never will be a priority in his life. Sleeping with random women is higher on his list which is so sad.

Sarah knows it’s not a good look if Michael doesn’t show up to court. She couldn’t even be worried about whether he shows up or not. Michael missing the court date strengthens her case. She can’t accept that. Instead, Sarah wants to continue this weird game they have going.


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Producers enter Michael’s hotel room, and he’s well aware that he missed court. He alleges the alarms he set never went off. This is a major screw up. The future of his children is at stake here. Having sex with random women and boozing isn’t what a father who gives a s**t should be doing. Let him lose custody.

Sarah calls Michael asking why he didn’t show up to court, and she’s pissed at his excuse. She knows that not waking isn’t the real reason he missed it. Partying and casual sex was a bigger priority for him.

She wants an explanation from Michael, but he says he’s going to come to her. He has to talk to her to find out what’s going on with his children. He’s aware that his choice to not show up for the hearing could cost him. If he was really that concerned, he would’ve been there. He would have made those kids his top priority. That’s point blank, period.

Shavel & Quaylon

Quaylon Life After Lockup

Is anyone else surprised to still see Shavel & Quaylon on the show? It really seemed like their relationship was kaput once she found messages between him and another woman. I hope she sticks to her guns and keeps him out of her life.

Quaylon is back in Houston, and his family wants all the tea about his relationship. Quaylon will not own up to his actions with this other woman. He acts like the cheating allegations are beyond the realm of possibility. The way he approaches this is borderline gaslighting behavior.

Shavel won’t answer any of Quaylon’s calls or messages. GOOD. Stay strong girl. Don’t let this playing ass man con you yet again. He’s not ready for a family. He has never been in an adult relationship, and he’s out there acting like a whole boy.


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Quaylon is also so ungrateful for everyone’s help while he was in prison. He’s playing it off as if his family was never there for him while he was in prison. They become incensed at the idea that Shavel (who has only been around for two years) did more for him.

Quaylon’s sister admits that she failed him, but none of that changes the way he uses people. That’s what he does. His family wants for Shavel to have his back in every way possible, but why would she take him back? He was sketchy behind her back, and he can’t even own up to his mistakes. If he could just admit his indiscretion, it would be a different story.

Shawn & Destinie

Shawn Life After Lockup

Shawn still has no idea where Destinie is. His mind has to be racing. He has $50,000 on the line. Destinie might be pregnant in his mind. There’s so much on the line for him.

Destinie’s sister tries to convince her to let Shawn at least know that she’s alright. Unfortunately for him, she wants no part in that. In her mind, Shawn is a liar. That’s the issue between them. However, SHE IS ALSO A LIAR. Are we pretending like she wasn’t trying to have a secret girlfriend.

Destinie is sort of self sabotaging because she knows she’s going back to jail. She does love Shawn, but she doesn’t want to get too invested. I guess that’s one way to handle it.


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Shawn finds a Facebook account where Destinie is under a different last name and engaged to another woman. At first I was judging him for overreacting to it because it was from a few years ago. However, he finds ANOTHER profile from just last year where she’s engaged to ANOTHER woman. If they’re ever reunited, Destinie has quite a lot of explaining to do.

At least Shawn is finally catching on to the fact that Destinie’s sister is likely in on the plan. You have no idea who the real Destinie is. Something isn’t right with this picture.

Vince & Amber

Amber Life After Lockup

These are two people I never thought we’d ever see again. Vince was the creepiest man on the planet, and Amber was clearly more in love with a woman named Puppy. Seeing these two again is going to be a trip. I don’t know if I’m ready.

Amber’s life is a lot tamer and boring now that she’s out of jail. At least she’s out of trouble. It’s not the lavish lifestyle she had grown accustomed to, but it’s safe and honest.

The plan to con Vince out of money failed because Amber was unable to fake it with him. Amber ideally would like to never hear from or see him again. You really cannot blame her for that. He had some serial killer type energy. I’m talking, let me take you to an abandoned building and do some creepy experiments.


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Amber is on probation for the next 2o years. She won’t be finished with it until she is 60 years old. That is some wild s**t right there. I’m not sure my mind knows how to fully process that.

After a year apart, Amber is finally reunited with her mother. The next piece of the puzzle is Puppy’s release. Amber’s mother thinks there is a fear there because she’s never been with a woman before in a relationship. This is totally new territory.

Things get awkward when her mother brings up Vince. You can tell there’s a level of disappointment by her that Amber couldn’t follow through with the plan. Money isn’t everything. Nobody should put themselves in any uncomfortable position like that. It didn’t feel right with Vince, and that’s that. There shouldn’t be any questioning of it because her decision has been made.


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