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Kenya Moore Says Kanye West Watched Explicit Videos While They Were On A Date

Well, as we round out the messy ass year of 2020, we certainly all deserve this fresh season of Real Housewives of Atlanta. The ladies came out strong in their season premiere. The opening was heavily focused on the early pandemic days. We also saw Porsha Williams represent the black lives matter movement in a huge way. She has come so far since we first met her. I feel honored to have watched the evolution of this icon.

Unfortunately, not everything has changed. Kenya Moore is still in her miserable marriage to Mark Daly. This guy is a full time garbage person. I can’t wait for her to be free of his black hole suck on her magic. Kenya is a queen (don’t @ me), but she has always been lost in love. Remember Walter Jackson!? Fucking yikes.

Speaking of hot mess romance, Kenya opened up on The Wendy Williams Show about a former tryst with none other than Kanye WestDaily Mail reported that she called it a ‘disaster date.’ She told Wendy Williams“I did go out with Kanye once.” DO TELL.

Kenya shared that the date ended back at Kanye’s place. She said, “I was lost, he left me alone, I was just there for like five minutes, wandering around his house.”

Okay brace yourselves. She continued, “When I followed the noises, he was watching something on TV that he probably shouldn’t have been.” OMFG I can’t. Kenya added, “So, that was my exit!” Is this some peoples kink? Nonconsensual porno hide and seek? I just…


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Anyways, to the Kenya doubters, Kanye ditching a date inside his own house to watch porn almost seems believable? Right?

He does have a known porn addiction that he blames on Playboy. He once said, “Playboy was my gateway into full on pornography addiction. My dad had a Playboy left out at age five and it’s affected almost every choice I made for the rest of my life.” He added, “My mom had passed a year before and I said some people drown themselves in drugs. And I drowned myself in my addiction [to porn].”

One thing is for sure, Kenya is messy as hell. I can’t wait to watch this season.


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