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Marlo Hampton “Feels Sorry” That Kenya Moore Lets Marc Daly Belittle Her On TV

Marlo Hampton and Kenya Moore were good friends for a hot second, but that cannot be further from the truth these days. Kenya brought that marching band in to disrupt Marlo’s wig launch. Marlo said Kenya isn’t really married to Marc Daly.

These two are constantly going back and forth. However, it seems like Marlo does have some compassion for her rival. When it comes to Kenya’s dynamic with Marc, Marlo is cringing just like the rest of us. How can Kenya stand up to any of her co-stars, but not her own husband?

Marlo opened up on a recent episode of Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef about how she’s content being single. She doesn’t want to “build something” with a man just for the sake of doing what people expect. Marlo doesn’t want to settle. When it comes down to it, Marlo said, “I want to be happy.” And then she got a little shady.

Marlo continued, “I don’t want you to see this picture and I’m getting abused. I’m getting disrespected. I mean, look at Kenya’s situation, unfortunately. I would be single before I have a Marc talking to me like that or treating me like that on national television. I would be single!”


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She explained, “[Kenya] chews my head off and you would sit and let a man talk to you that way? That speaks a lot about you. I feel sorry for you. It’s not even a joke. It’s like, I like cringe when I see him and her on the show.” We all do, Marlo. Every. Single. One. Of. Us.

Marlo said, “I’m like ‘Oh my god, Kenya. What’s happening that you really feel like you need this? And you’re raising a daughter.’ I just hope she wakes up before it’s too late because I would not want [Kenya’s daughter] Brooklyn [Daly] to see what type of situation she’s in right now and allow any man to treat her that way.” Same here. Let’s hope that Kenya finds a way to turn this tough relationship into something positive, for Brooklyn’s sake.


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Get ready for this one, folks. Marlo actually complimented Kenya (sort of). She said, “I’m shocked that the Kenya Moore that I know, the strong woman, who is very well-spoken, very educated, would sit and let a man belittle her like this on national TV… and in life. I just feel sorry for any woman who does that.” Once again, I have to say “Same here, Marlo.”

Marlo revealed, “My mother was in an abusive relationship and me seeing her in that taught me that I will never be in anything like that. If I’m in it, I’m gonna be in it for two seconds and I’m gonna hop out of that.” Good for her.


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