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Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City Star Mary Cosby Denies Making 7-11 Comment To Jen Shah

Mary Cosby’s luncheon was meant to be a fresh start for the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.  But the cast is usually forced to navigate the squabbles between Mary and Jen Shah at each event, and the Met Gala themed luncheon turned out to be no different.

When Mary encouraged the ladies to share their grievances with each other, Jen took the opportunity to explain why she feels so reactive towards Mary.  Needless to say, but any propriety associated with the Met Gala theme went right out the window.  These two ladies are that toxic towards each other.

In an explosive turn of events, Jen revealed that Mary made an offensive comment off camera during a trip to NYC.  According to Jen, Mary said, “if I go to a 7-11 and I see black people, I go to a different 7-11.”

Mary was asked to clarify by an Instagram follower and the official Twitter account of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City shared a screenshot of the exchange. 

“In a response to a commenter, Mary Cosby denies making any 7-11 comment on camera,” the post reads, “Mary says that while in NY with Jen Shah, she made a comment about not wanting to go in to a 7-11 because she ‘felt it was dangers,’ but alleges that Jen twisted her words and is lying.”

Mary, did you say the 7 eleven comment that Jen mentioned,” an Instagram follower asked her.


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“No I never said that to Jen, she lies you will see,” Mary replied, “she adds on the, she has no roll back tape, no text.  Just [threw] me out there with that trash and yes Jen was lying!  I never said that to her I never been to her house in my life!  Except nyc…”

Just because Jen made the accusation on camera doesn’t mean the comment itself was.  There is delicate wording to the argument.  Mary is putting a lot of effort into pointing out that there is no evidence, and that Jen is embellishing the truth for her own benefit.

“She wanted to be Something she has lost what her platform or her point in life is she showing the world lies,” Mary explained, “I said not to her but this was off camera not even a cast yet.”


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Mary claimed that Jen added a racial angle to the story to damage her.  “It was late we was together and in nyc there was a [convenience] store!  I didn’t go in,” Mary continued, “first I didn’t need anything and I felt it was dangers!  She takes that and says 7-11 there no Blk man in Utah so 7-11?  The black man she just added that in there.”

Being on a reality show will bring all kinds of ugly things to light, truths and accusations alike.  It does put a person in a vulnerable position.  But Mary defended her decision to join the cast.

“I promise you if I can be truthful about who Mary is,” she wrote, “I’m showing everybody why I don’t know.  It just felt like my grandmother Story should deserves to be told!  I would tell you honest.  I did not say that.  If you notice when someone makes a comment that Strong They will Roll the tape back of me telling her.  They never once did!!  Because it’s a lie.  Please know better.  You can feel me I’m being real!!  Thank you for asking me!  That was very kind.  No jens trying to shoot at me.  I wish she would go somewhere and leave me alone.  I really do. Lol!”


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Without evidence, it’s impossible to say who is in the wrong, it’s just a matter of judging authenticity.  Perhaps some clarity will come during the remainder of the season.  In the meantime, the tension between Jen and Mary is worse than ever and can only lead to another confrontation.


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