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Sean Burke Defends Braunwyn Windham-Burke After She Hit Him; Says “It’s Disgusting To See Some Comments From Her So Called ‘Friends’”

Braunwyn Windham-Burke is showing so much of herself during this season of Real Housewives of Orange County. Who needs Vicki Gunvalson? Braunwyn is honest and vulnerable, and her journey is compelling to watch.

During the RHOC Season 15 premiere, Braunwyn revealed that she is an alcoholic. Much of the season so far has dealt with Braunwyn’s struggle to stay sober.

Braunwyn revealed that she and her husband, Sean Burke, were “renegotiating the terms of the contract when it comes to our marriage, for sure.” Sean was no longer living with the family. The mom of seven also announced that she had someone “new and special in her life.” Then, Braunwyn revealed that she’s a lesbian.

“I love Sean. I love him dearly, he is my person, he is my family. But I’m not attracted to men and I never have been,” Braunwyn stated. Braunwyn has a girlfriend, and Sean knows her.

Sean even tweeted a lovely photo of himself with Braunwyn, and added a rainbow along with the words, “I love you. I’m proud of you. And I support you. Always.” But, in the most recent episode of RHOC, Braunwyn divulged another secret, and it was a doozy. Well, besides the fact that she had never used a washing machine before.


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These episodes were filmed by the Housewives during the coronavirus shutdown. Braunwyn and Sean were arguing a lot. Braunwyn, who had locked herself in her closet, revealed that she physically hit her husband because he made fun of her using the vacuum. And, unfortunately, it wasn’t the first time.

Braunwyn also struck Sean in Aspen three months earlier in front of one of their children. I feel for Braunwyn and all that she is going through, but physical violence is never okay.

Well, Braunwyn’s RHOC co-star Emily Simpson decided to tweet about Braunwyn’s confession. “Tonight on #RHOC, Braunwyn excuses her behavior by acting like a victim of the people and circumstances around her, not to be confused by previous episodes where she excused her behavior by acting like the victim of the people and circumstances around her,” Emily wrote.


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Sean issued his response on Twitter. “I love my wife. On two occasions I was the last defense between her and a bottle,” Sean stated. “It’s disgusting to see some comments from her so called ‘friends’ that pretend to know anything about our relationship, attacking her, rather than showing an ounce of support. #rhoc @braunwyn.”

As usual, Twitter had conflicting opinions on the drama. (There is some rough grammar ahead.) One fan wrote, “Keep supporting her and your family–all you can do. You’re one of the good men left– she appreciates you more than you probably know!”

Then there were the followers who slammed Braunwyn and Sean. “It is disgusting that you are not putting your children first. She is toxic and you defend this disgusting behavior,” the fan commented. “Your kids are already messed up and that’s on you sir.”


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Another follower simply posted, “I appreciate your supporting your wife, but under no circumstances is it ok to lay hands on another person in anger.”

I hope that Braunwyn and Sean can both get the help that they need as they move forward.


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