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Braunwyn Windham-Burke Would “Be Heartbroken” If Her Husband Sean Burke Dated Someone Else Even Though She Has A Girlfriend

This season of Real Housewives of Orange County has been dominated by Braunwyn Windham-Burke’s chaotic life. Braunwyn has been going through a lot. Viewers learned in the Season 15 premiere that Braunwyn is an alcoholic and was grappling with becoming sober while raising her brood of seven kids.

During an episode of RHOC that was filmed during the coronavirus lockdown, Braunwyn revealed that she had hit her husband, Sean Burke. And, sadly, it wasn’t the first time that she had become physical with Sean. Three months earlier, Braunwyn hit him in front of one of their kids. Once again, violence is never okay.

Braunwyn’s co-star Emily Simpson was quick to criticize Braunwyn. Naturally, Sean defended Braunwyn on Twitter. “I love my wife. On two occasions I was the last defense between her and a bottle,” Sean wrote. But getting physical isn’t acceptable. Sean and Braunwyn were also working on re-defining their marriage. In early December, when Braunwyn announced that she is a lesbian, Sean had her back and supported her.

The bravohousewives Instagram account posted a photo of Braunwyn and her girlfriend, Kris, having a photo opp walking and cuddling on the beach.  And, for some reason, Sean is standing by his woman. US Weekly reported that Braunwyn and Sean addressed the state of their relationship in an Instagram Story Q & A session. Sean was sitting next to Braunwyn in bed while she fielded questions. One fan asked Braunwyn when she realized that she was a “lesbian not bisexual.”


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Braunwyn responded, “I had my first sober experience with someone I care about (alone), and I came home and told Sean…ya, I’m not straight. It was like ‘So this is what it’s supposed to be like,’” the mother of seven said.  Braunwyn is dating Kris, and they see each other twice a week. Braunwyn stated that she would “be heartbroken” if Sean started dating someone else. Oh, Braunwyn. Why is it that you think you can have your cake, and eat it, too? Sean deserves to find a partner since you no longer want him.

Sean did add that he would “probably” date someone. “Don’t know when, though,” he added. Another user asked Sean if Braunwyn having a girlfriend hurt him. Sean replied, “Yeah, it kinda sucks cause it’s hard, figuring it out.”


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A fan asked Braunwyn if it was hypocritical for her to have a girlfriend, but not want Sean to find someone. Well, duh. “That’s why we’re in therapy. We are working through this,” Braunwyn said. “We can’t figure this out on our own.” Braunwyn also admitted that she is “kind of a jealous” person, and that is one of the issues that the couple was addressing in therapy.

When one of her followers suggested that Braunwyn is selfish, she denied it. Braunwyn said, “I don’t own Sean. I’ve been like, ‘Go do whatever you want.’ Sean wants to be here. He wants to be with the kids,” she shared. “We are a family so this isn’t anything I’m doing, it’s where we are right now.”


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