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Braunwyn Windham-Burke’s Husband Sean Burke Reacts To Braunwyn Coming Out As A Lesbian; Says “I Support You Always”

Someone went to their local community college and took a course on how to maintain a job in reality television. Gina Kirschenheiter may want to look into this class… Real Housewives of Orange County star Braunwyn Windham-Burke made a not-so-shocking revelation. After a long marriage, many children, a sketchy mother, and acknowledging alcoholism, Braunie has come out of the closet.

Braunwyn should be applauded for being able to finally live authentically, but it didn’t come easy. This one broke the mold when she showed up on RHOC, and hers is no ordinary family. Between Dr. Deb’s big fat mouth homage to Rainbow Brite and “renegotiating” her marriage with Sean Burke, Braunwyn’s household is colorful. Sean has been ride-or-die with Braunwyn since day one. He’s done everything from watch her give birth to struggle with booze. Now we learn just because Braunwyn identifies as gay, doesn’t mean Sean identifies as gone.

They say Satan works hard but Kris Jenner works harder. I think ‘ol Kris might have some competition. Braunwyn is going full open book and methinks some of her co-stars are feeling a wee bit threatened. That said, if Braunwyn doesn’t start saving stuff for future storylines, she will have to sprout wings and fly to Xanadu to top this season.

While Kelly Dodd has kept RHOC in the news for denying killer diseases, Braunwyn has left no personal stone unturned during production. A lot of focus has been on her home life and struggle with alcohol. Braunwyn’s marriage to Statement Necklace Sean has also come under fire. Poor Gina even thinks Braunwyn should quit RHOC because her “issues” put them in a “scary situation”. Gina must have forgotten about her own “scary situation“, but whatever.


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Braunwyn doesn’t have a lot of BFFs on the show, but she’s always had Sean. And he isn’t going anywhere. After Braunie dropped the lesbian bomb, Sean showed his unwavering support for his wife on the Twitter. He posted a lovely photo of the two with the words, “I love you. I’m proud of you. And I support you. Always.” Sean captioned the pic, “For over 25 years i have loved and supported you, and I’m not about to stop.”

I know this is a very unconventional family that a lot of viewers might not be used to. But there are plenty of households where a “happy” marriage with children produce either mom or dad coming out of the closet and everyone surviving with no ill effects. The story of an alcoholic parent is also an old one. With the right tools, a positive outcome towards sobriety is perfectly reachable. It’s just that Braunwyn seems to be doing everything at once.


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Braunwyn is a lucky woman. Despite her struggles, she really does have a partner in every sense of the word. So while some have been stunned or even offended by Braunwyn’s lifestyle, Sean has reacted with love. Braunwyn might have a devious mother, which is common. Braunwyn might have a son exploring the glamorous world of drag, which most of us are familiar with. And Braunwyn might be a newly discovered alcoholic lesbian now finding herself in her 40’s, we get it. But Sean seems to be without judgement across the board and has a never-ending supply of support. Now that is something we’re not used to.


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