Brittany Santiago Life After Lockup

Life After Lockup Recap: Mommy Issues And Puppy Love

Even though most of the couples on the show are a disaster, this is a GREAT season of Life After Lockup. There’s something transfixing about watching their lives crash and burn on television. You can’t look away. Amber returning to the show was quite the shock, but Puppy has a vibe that she should be weary of. She’s going to end up back in prison, so hopefully Amber is out of dodge before that happens.

Last time we saw Lindsey, she uncovered a lot of unnerving truths about Scott. He is nowhere even remotely close to the rich man that he claimed to be. Scott’s sorted past was highly unexpected, and the fallout promises to be intense. Lindsey doesn’t appear to be the type of woman to take this level of deceit with a grain of salt. If Scott isn’t careful, he’s going to find himself on the receiving on of a woman on the warpath.

Amber & Puppy

Puppy Life After Lockup

We all agree that Puppy is going to end up back in prison, right? Just checking. I just hope she doesn’t bring Amber down with her. You can tell Amber has a gut feeling about how this will end. She needs to get out now while she still can.

Puppy is reunited with her mother, and it’s a nice tender moment to witness. It’s been four years, and her mom is elated to finally be able to hold her. Even her mom seems weary though that her daughter will actually stay out of prison this time. The writing is all over the wall for Puppy’s future. Sad, but true.

The worst thing of all is that she might not have much time left with her mother. Unfortunately her mom is experiencing kidney failure, so if she goes away again it will likely be the last time they see her. It’s a highly heartbreaking thing to watch, and it’s worse because I truly believe Puppy will return to prison.

Puppy’s mom doesn’t want the girls sleeping in the same bed because they might have sex. AWKWARD. Puppy wants to have sex, but she doesn’t think Amber can get into it now. Let’s not rush things ladies. Ugh, I don’t want Amber to get hurt by Puppy.

Lacey, Shane, & John

John Life After Lockup

John claims Lacey is more addicted than heroin which is a horrible realization. She is just as toxic as well. All she does is play games and manipulate both of these men. Once she learns John’s been released, it’s only a matter of time before the games start back up.

John doesn’t understand why she married Shane, but he still thinks he has a shot with her. This woman had you sent to prison for many months, and you still want to be with her? Hot damn, these people are exhausting.

Lacey gets a text from John that he’s out, and it’s giving her a ton of anxiety. John firmly believes she’s going to call him soon, so we shall see. I hope he’s smart enough to stay away from that mess.

For some reason Lacey is confused about how to approach the John thing. She says she still has feelings for him. You’ve got to be kidding me. Same old Lacey. She never changes. John and Shane need to realize they’re simply pawns in Lacey’s master game.

Lacey reveals to her father that John is out of jail, and her dad doesn’t want her to entertain it. If Lacey truly wanted to be done with John, she’d just change her number. Do whatever she can do to avoid that type of conflict. Lacey is also putting Shane in a precarious position by exposing him to John. The type of reaction he might give could send him back to prison.

Marcelino & Brittany

Brittany Santiago Life After Lockup

The idea of a therapy session with Brittany Santiago and her mother sounds like torture. Her mom is a whole hot mess, and I can’t imagine this ever being going well. It’s horrible how much this has devolved into chaos. Marcelino Santiago wants no part of Brittany’s mother coming by the house and being near the kids. That’s a rough spot to be in.

Brittany tries being honest about her mother’s addiction at the appointment, but her mother is off the rails. I don’t know if her mom understands the gravity of the situation. This is the last straw. If she doesn’t get her act together in this moment, she’s going to lose her daughter and grandchildren for good.

Kudos to Brittany for the grace and poise she’s showing while handling this situation. She’s expressing herself in the best way, but her mother is obviously not in the right frame of mind. She keeps lashing out at every little comment, and nothing is being accomplished.

Brittany’s mother takes a much needed smoke break to get away from the pressures of the conversation. Brittany has a choice to make. Either accept her mother for who she is or cut her off. A firm stance needs to be laid down here. Unfortunately the stance looks like it’s going to be a cut off.

This entire interaction is so real and raw, and I could watch this all day. The authenticity of this moment is next level. WOW.

Scott & Lindsey

Lindsey Life After Lockup

I’m still emotionally reeling from all the revelations about Scott! He’s broke as hell, and he has an affinity for sex workers. I wasn’t expecting any of that. Everything about their relationship has been a lie.

Lindsey’s mother stops by the house to console her about everything. That’s not the important part though. Her mom brought the most unexpected piece of evidence of all time with her. THE BOOK CONTAINING THE QUOTE THAT WE ALL THOUGHT WAS HER MASTER PLAN IS ACTUALLY A REAL BOOK. This is the ultimate shocker. I’ve never been left this shook.

Can you believe the book is real? She wants to throw the book at him after everything’s she’s learned about him. It’s honestly so crazy how much things have changed in this dynamic. Lindsey was the one who looked to be the biggest liar of all. However, it’s beyond clear that Scott is not all who he claims to be.

I feel really bad for Lindsey because this is all going to have an effect on her daughter. She has many decisions to make about her future. It’s such a delicate situation, and many lives can be changed by this.

Scott sends Lindsey a text explaining that he no longer wants her friends visiting the home. In addition to that, it’s a no go for her friend to move into an RV in the driveway. That part I can understand because it’s very odd, but no friends at all seems too much. Lindsey tells him that she’ll have any friends over that she wants and that he can suck it. Well damn.

Every part of me is LIVING for everything Lindsey is saying to Scott on the phone. She’s entirely unraveling, and it’s fascinating to watch. This woman is not afraid one bit to push back at Scott. He’s going to regret ever lying to this girl. She’s officially at her breaking point.

Lindsey throws many of Scott’s belongings onto the lawn. She even films a video of herself doing it all, and waits for the rain to hit so she can ruin it even more. ICONIC.

Shavel & Quaylon

Shavel Life After Lockup

Quaylon reaches out to Shavel after two weeks of total silence. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS MAN BACK. If Quaylon could actually admit to his cheating, that would be one thing. However, he continues to make Shavel feel as if she’s crazy and making it up in her head. Not cool.

Thankfully, Shavel is standing her ground and shutting down all the bs coming out of Quaylon’s mouth. Part of me fully expected her to take him back at the drop of a hat. An empowered Shavel is EVERYTHING. Don’t fall for this man and his lying ass. Period.

Shawn & Destinie

Shawn Life After Lockup

I’m beyond tired of watching Shawn pine away over Destine. They’re so f**king dysfunctional, and I can’t deal with them anymore. Shawn calls his ex Kelly to meet to discuss something right away. If he wants to make things right with Destinie, meeting with the woman she hates is a horrible idea. Does this man have even one singular brain cell in his skull?

Kelly is so annoyed Shawn wants to discuss Destinie, and who can blame her? Shawn sounds like a total tool whenever he talks about her. He thinks Destinie is coming back, but Kelly thinks his entire plan to confront her is stupid.

I kind of love Kelly and her no nonsense attitude about this. Shawn actually has the audacity to ask Kelly for money to go locate Destinie. At least she’s being smart about it. She’s demanding she gets an extra $1,000 from him when he pays her back. He has a lot of balls to be asking her for a favor like this.

Hearing about the $50,000 that’s on the line is also another thing getting irritating. Shawn is so blind to think Destinie cares one bit about that money he might lose. It’s his fault for even putting himself in that position. Now, he’s risking the financial future of his family for a con artist that doesn’t give a damn. Way to go.


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