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Bethenny Frankel Says Doing Real Housewives Of New York “Wasn’t Really Enjoyable,” She Didn’t “Feel Good About Herself” When She Was On The Show, And It “Affected Other Areas Of Her Life” 

There’s no doubt that Bethenny Frankel has made the most out of the Real Housewives of New York platform. However, she doesn’t want to be associated with the show that helped make her a household name.

During her recent interview with Tamron Hall, B wouldn’t even utter the words “Real Housewives of New York.” Instead she referred to it as “the show that I was previously on” which is some shade on its own, but she had even more to say than that.

Bethenny told Tamron that she earned $7,250 for Season 1. She explained, “I wasn’t looking at the money because you can’t always look at the money, you have to look at the big picture, the other opportunities, you have to look at the whole board, not just the pieces, and the money was just the pieces.” Plus, she didn’t have a pot to piss in. The long-time viewers remember her Season 1 apartment. Of course, she took this reality TV offer.

Bethenny said, “In addition, later, I ended up being the highest paid ‘Housewife’ when I left because I had leverage and I left [in 2010] and the ratings were affected and they wanted me to come back. And when I did ultimately leave this last time [in 2019], people thought I was leaving because I wasn’t getting more money and I was leaving because I was staying because of the money.”


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She explained, “Decisiveness is very important and you have to go with your gut, not your head, not your heart. You make a decision, you make it work, you find a way to make it work and you keep moving. But you can’t say yes to everything.” Fair enough.

She honed in on her point with this metaphor: “I like to have fewer buckets really full than multiple buckets half full, because time is the most valuable commodity.” She also claimed that she’s turned down “many, many multi-million dollar opportunities” because she wants to focus on her personal life right now.


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Here comes the shade. Bethenny said, “Doing the show that I was previously on was not really enjoyable, it’s not where I wanted to be and it affected other areas of my life just in feeling not good about myself and then you’re stretched so thin you’re not able to focus on the things you really want to focus on.”

Then, Bethenny’s daughter Bryn Hoppy, who never appeared once on Real Housewives of New York, popped in on the interview (which probably pissed off Jason Hoppy). Bethenny said, “She’s my love, she’s my quarantine, my quaran-dream and this is what’s most important. So that’s why the buckets have to be full because it has to be worth it to take yourself away from your family. And kids define you and make you spend your time in a more quality way.”


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