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Gizelle Bryant Says Bethenny Frankel Had Better One-Liners When She Was “Broke”

Life was much more simple when Real Housewives of New York debuted its first season. Bethenny Frankel was living in a less-than-stellar apartment with a bald man named Jason, trying to make a Skinnygirl logo with a Comic Sans font with help from Alex McCord.

She got chastised by Luann de Lesseps for introducing her as “Luann” instead of “Countess de Lesseps.” It was the good ole days in many respects. But, obviously, that era didn’t last forever. Bethenny became a multi-millionaire and superstar businesswoman/philanthropist. And, apparently, she became a lot less funny, at least according to Gizelle Bryant from Real Housewives of Potomac.

According to Page Six, Gizelle named her Real Housewives “dream team” during a recent episode of Bravo’s Chat Room (which I had to stop watching because I don’t enjoy pulling teeth late at night).

Gizelle said, “I would choose Erika Jayne, cause, like, she has a jet and we need to fly around the world in style.”


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Does she still have that jet though? We haven’t heard about that in a long time. Instead, we’ve just seen plenty of lawsuits against her husband Tom Girardi. Oops, I mean “soon-to-be-ex-husband” Tom Girardi. Basically, I’m saying that I doubt Erika brought in enough money from a Shoe Dazzle collaboration to fuel up the jet that Tom probably can’t afford these days.

Gizelle added, “Then, I’m going to take broke Bethenny. And the reason why I want her when she was broke — like her Season 1, Season 2 — is because, that’s when she was majorly funny. And she had one-liners, and she was ready and she was hungry, and she was just like all over the place, in a great way.


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So, is Gizelle complimenting Bethenny or throwing some shade? Is she saying that Bethenny isn’t majorly money now that she’s rich and has a better stylist than Gizelle can afford?


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