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Stephanie Hollman Responds To Claim Her Husband Travis Owns Production Company Behind Real Housewives Of Dallas To Get Favorable Edits For Her And Brandi Redmond

It’s nearly impossible for a Real Housewife to get a “good edit” every single season. Usually, if that’s happening for too long, the cast member would just get fired. Usually the words “good edit” equate to “boring.”

However, Stephanie Hollman manages to be entertaining while being the sweetheart of Real Housewives of Dallas. The OG cast member has been going strong for five seasons now. Well, now there’s some gossip about why she’s coming across so well on the series.

The Bravo Bitch tweeted a screenshot from an Instagram Story posted by the account Asians Who Watch Bravo. This is what the story said, “So I have a little intel from I’m telling you a very reliable source. The reason Stephanie is always given a good edit and [why] producers always ask her good questions is because…. drum roll….. she owns part of the production company that produces RHOD.”

This same person said, “That’s also the reason why Brandi [Redmond] gets a sympathetic edit and wasn’t fired. Stephanie specifically said she would quit filming if Brandi didn’t get to come back and that would obviously mean the production of the show would be heavily underfunded.”


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And to top it off, the IG Story said, “There’s also this other rumor running around that they had this whole plan to go after Tiffany Moon from the get-go.” And it ended with “PS the source is not Tiffany.”

Bravo enthusiast Christian Gray Snow tweeted that Stephanie’s husband “Travis [Hollman] bought into Goodbye Pictures before Season 1. It’s why we never see a bad edit of Stephanie and why brandi is back this year. It’s also why we saw the takedown of LeeAnne [Locken] the way we did. I love Steph but I’ve known this for years. #RHOD.”


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Christian Gray Snow also shared this on Instagram. In the comments section he responded to someone who said Stephanie denied owning the production company, writing, “she said SHE doesn’t own Goodbye Pictures the production company. She didn’t say Travis didn’t invest in them.”

Stephanie saw this post and shared a few comments of her own. Stephanie wrote, “Hate to break it to ya but unfortunately he doesn’t own ANY part of ANY production company either. Could you imagine if he did? It would be the Real Travis Hollman of Dallas… with a spin off.”

She told an Instagram user, “I think it’s hysterical. Unfortunately it’s not true.”


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Once and for all, Stephanie clarified that she’s “not lying,” writing that she has “nothing to hide there because it’s simply not true. Neither Travis nor myself have any ownership in anything to do with the show.”

Wouldn’t it be easy to prove if Travis invested in this company? Where are the receipts? Literally. Show me the receipts.


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