Real Housewives Of Dallas Star Stephanie Hollman Reacts to LeeAnne Locken’s Reunion Apology & Defends Brandi Redmond

Real Housewives of Dallas Season 4 has come to a close. The reunion ended with LeeAnne Locken cranking out some tears while apologizing to Kary Brittingham for her offensive comments about Kary’s Mexican heritage.

The cast and some viewers have come down hard on LeeAnne. In the meantime, LeeAnne’s wedding planner has been pushing a three-year-old video of Brandi Redmond seemingly mocking Asians. Neither LeeAnne’s remarks nor Brandi’s video is OK, but the timing of that is very suspicious. Deflection alert. Stephanie Hollman dished on LeeAnne’s reunion apology and the Brandi video during last night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live.

Andy Cohen asked Stephanie, “What was your reaction to LeeAnne’s defense of her comments at the reunion?” Stephanie spoke for many viewers when she explained, “I do not buy that she was ignorant to not know that what she was doing was wrong. I think if you do something one time I think you can say that it’s forgivable. But, when I watched it, it was so often and with so much hate that I just don’t think that you do it on accident or you’re that ignorant.” It did seem to happen a lot.

Andy followed up with, “You all thought that this would not air on the show? Was she telling you that this wouldn’t air on the show?”


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Stephanie shared, “She was very nervous for it to air. Umm, in the past she’s done some things that were horrible and I feel like they’ve always kind of protected her. I always felt like it was because she does contribute so much. So, I don’t think anyone of us thought that it would make the light of day because it was so dark and it was so crazy and she’s been protected so much.” I just want to know what those “horrible things” are and I would love to see some of the archived footage.

And, of course, Andy used this opportunity to ask Stephanie about Brandi, who happens to be her real-life, not just for the show, best friend. Andy said, “A video surfaced from three years ago from Brandi’s Instagram. We got a lot of questions about it. People essentially want to know if you think that Brandi is racist for what she said in that video.”


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Stephanie told him, “Absolutely, not. I think she made a horrible mistake. She’s apologized. She apologized then, she apologized again. She’s learning, she’s growing. I think it was just really poor judgment and a horrible decision. I’ve been on the phone with her a lot and she’s struggling with the shame of doing that and I think she realizes it was not OK.” It certainly wasn’t.

Andy came through yet again with this question: “What do you think about the juxtaposition of that moment happening right on the heels of everyone gathering and saying that LeeAnne’s a racist?”


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Stephanie began, “I think it’s a lot of deflection, to be honest.” I assume she was referring to the timing since the video resurfaced thanks to LeeAnne’s very loyal wedding planner while LeeAnne was in the middle of her own scandal.

Still, Stephanie admitted, “I think Brandi’s video definitely could hurt somebody’s feelings, who’s Asian and watches it. She always does impressions, she always does voices and I don’t think it was done mean-spirited. But, watching it, I can see how it could be very offensive and people would be offended by it.”


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Then she broke down the difference between the incidents. Stephanie said, “I think LeeAnne’s was done with hate towards [Kary].”Calling Kary ‘a beautiful Mexican,’ I don’t think is a racist thing, but when you put hate with it, I think it’s very, very different. Brandi’s was not hate-driven.”

Very interesting. I am so curious about where the show goes from here. Can they have a show without LeeAnne? Will LeeAnne and/or Brandi face further repercussions for their remarks?


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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]