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Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City Star Heather Gay Denies That Jen Shah Amps Up Her Personality For The Camera; Says She Has Reactions Like That All The Time

Jen Shah is bringing the drama to the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.  Arguably, she is doing the work for the entire cast, because without the regular interactions between her and Mary Cosby, there isn’t a ton of conflict.  It’s as if these ladies are actually respectful and caring toward one another.

After last week’s disastrous meltdown at Sharrieff Shah’s birthday, questions were raised as to whether Jen is turning up the histrionics for the cameras.  Whitney Rose already insinuated that Jen modifies her character when in the company of her husband.  So, the question remains.  Who is the real Jen Shah?

Recently, Heather Gay gave Entertainment Tonight some insight on her long-time friend.  As it turns out, Jen is being completely authentic for the cameras.

“I thought she would hold back for the cameras,” Heather said, “I thought the pressure of appearing, you know… I don’t even know, just normal would keep us all kind of under wraps. But no, I have seen Jen react like that many, many, many times off camera. … When she’s upset, that’s how she responds.”

Heather does seem to be a bit of a Jen Shah whisperer.  She managed to get Jen out of Whitney’s Prohibition Party before more damage was done.  Generally, Heather is a straight-shooter and very able to listen respectfully and manage both sides of any argument.


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So, as the fight between Whitney and Jen went down, Heather attempted to mediate the situation, at least until Lisa Barlow and Meredith Marks got involved.  In hindsight, Heather would have worded the message differently.

Referring to herself and Whitney as “inbreds,” Heather explained, “I would’ve said this isn’t [going well], let’s abort, or possibly, like, what we were really trying to say — which we couldn’t say — is the way you’re reacting isn’t just a problem for the the inbreds.  It’s a problem for everybody, even the ones you’re trying to impress. This is a universal issue that we want you to know about and address. So, yes I would, we would redo the whole thing.”


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Lisa and Meredith denied speaking to Mary about Jen.  At that point in the argument, Jen believed them and started to turn on Whitney.  But Heather thinks there is some truth to what Mary told Whitney.

“I think the truth is always somewhere in between,” she surmises. “I think you would have to be some sort of masochist to not live afraid of Jen’s reactions. It’s not a character flaw to be terrified,” Heather said. 

Jen’s rages are fantastic fodder for reality TV.  Authentic or not, us viewers want more.


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