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Brandi Glanville Slams Jen Shah And Lisa Barlow As “2 Fakest Bitches” On Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City; Jen Says Brandi Isn’t On Real Housewives Anymore And Needs To Shut Up

Even though Brandi Glanville got fired from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and did whatever she could to get back on the show (throwing Denise Richards under the bus and having her sons beg Andy Cohen for a job), she’s still not a Housewife. Actually, she wasn’t even a “Friend of the Housewives” last season.

Instead, production just took advantage of her, brought her in for drama, and didn’t give her that title or paycheck. Sure, they used each other, but still, that has to sting. How is Brandi not a Housewife anymore, yet so many women who give pretty much nothing to this franchise aren’t? Anyway, despite not being a Housewife for sometime now, she has a lot of opinions. Brandi is enjoying Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, except for two of them.

Brandi tweeted, “The two fakest bitches on #RHSLCare Diet Coke bitch & tons of glam (hubby picked her up in a 1996 land cruiser) bitch-the rest I’m not mad at they seem authentic Love it or hate it, that’s my opinion.” Obviously, “Diet Coke bitch” is referring to Lisa Barlow. And Jen Shah is the one whose husband picked her up (from Whitney Rose’s prohibition party a few episodes back).

Brandi followed up with “This is my opinion, I would rather hang out with all the rest of them thus far any day all day. I could give an actual fuck if you choose to agree or disagree. I have bigger fish to fry good night and good luck.”


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She also tweeted, “I have my fucking opinions as the rest of you have yours There’s nothing wrong or right about an opinion as they are SUBJECTIVE to who you are and how you read people.” As if she’s not purposely trying to stir up controversy and offend someone. We all know what’s going on here.

Jen is almost as dehydrated as Brandi is, so of course, she had something to say. iRealHousewives shared a clip from her Instagram Live Session with That Bravo Life. Jen said, “I didn’t even respond to it. It’s like so ridiculous.” Yet, here she is, responding to it.


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Jen continued, “Like honestly, it’s so stupid. Bye bitch! You ain’t on the mother fucking housewives of nobody. So, shut the fuck up, sit the fuck down, drink some water. Go back to wherever you came from! Bye!” The irony of Jen implying that someone else is thirsty isn’t lost on me. Pot, meet kettle.


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