Elizabeth Lyn Vargas Slammed By Her Ex-Husband’s Girlfriend To “Go Away And Get A Life”

Elizabeth Lyn Vargas just finished her first season on Real Housewives of Orange County. She spent the season being accused of being inauthentic and lying about her life. Which wasn’t a stretch. Especially given how many half truths she gave us about her marriage and subsequent divorce. Which, by the way, was basically her whole story line.

What she could or couldn’t tell us was always up in the air, depending on the scene. But through it all, she maintained that she was the richest bitch in Newport. She even boasted about donating a Ferrari, which she admitted at the reunion she has yet to do. It seemed really obvious that the women on the show really got tired of Elizabeth’s caginess about her divorce. Too bad Elizabeth never seemed to tire of talking about it. Now, her divorce might be finalized but the drama surrounding it is far from over.

Someone else is sick of hearing about it. That would be Elizabeth’s ex-husband, Bernt Bodal’s new girlfriend, Michelle Fox. She’s the one Braunwyn Windham-Burke revealed to Elizabeth as Bernt’s fiancé during the reunion. Which seemed like a major surprise to Elizabeth. And she didn’t look happy about that either.

Michelle recently spilled her feelings on Page Six Instagram post and it wasn’t pleasant. She’s big mad that Elizabeth was talking so much about it on the show. Michelle just wants Elizabeth to “go away and get a life.” She elaborated, “We mind our own business — except when someone like this has been constantly attacking to us and is obsessed with talking about Bernt — it’s beyond creepy.”


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Michelle then clarified her feelings and told the publication she was frustrated. She said of Elizabeth, “We have been through a lot with her and it’s none of her business. She needs to move on and stop contacting Bernt and talking about him. We tried to take the legal action to make a point — that was why I got upset on comments and it’s not fair we have to see this stuff — it’s disgusting behavior.”

Michelle went on, “I am standing up for Bernt who is the love of my life and we are both secure in our relationship for years now. We both just want her to get a life and go away — that is why I said anything.”


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She also revealed that the couple has had to send Elizabeth cease and desist letter to get her to stop contacting Bernt. According to Michelle, “I have seen the texts, comments and calls — we just delete them. Bernt/I are committed to each other for the rest of our lives. He is a wonderful loving man and I am proud to be with him.”

As for Elizabeth’s part, she went on to defend herself. She said, “I am uncertain who this particular Michelle is on a personal level. However, it is my understanding that she is in somewhat of a relationship at some capacity with my ex-husband.” Elizabeth continued, “Unfortunately, in today’s day and age there’s a lot of negativity going around in the world, and I feel she is caught up in it along with a lot of other individuals. However, she is not involved in my life in any capacity and never will be.”


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Elizabeth also said, “Women come after me all the time, and this is another clear example of another jealous woman coming after me, and it’s not my problem. I’m sorry she feels that way. I wish her well.” Are we really expected to believe that her ex-husband’s girlfriend is jealous of the ex-wife who seemingly can’t let him go? I’m usually #teamexwife all the way but Elizabeth is really making this hard.

Elizabeth got one last dig in and said, “I have confirmed with my ex-husband that he is not engaged.” Michelle wasn’t having it and responded, “Our future plans are none of her business. We are in a committed loving relationship for the rest of our lives – that is very well known to everyone around us.” Well ok then!


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Seems that Elizabeth isn’t done putting her foot in her mouth when it comes to her ex. I’m not sure if she will be welcomed back for another season. But if she is, I would love for her to get a new story line. And I love seeing a post divorce glow up. See Shannon Beador. The real question is: can Elizabeth move on? I hope for her sake, and the sake of the viewers, she can.


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