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Elizabeth Lyn Vargas Says Watching Real Housewives Of Orange County Is “One Of The Most Difficult Things” She’s Done; Exploring “The Possibility Of Being Free From The Chains” Of Her Past Trauma

On last week’s episode of Real Housewives of Orange County we started to see some of Elizabeth Lyn Vargas’ truth. Up to this point, we only knew that she had been married to billionaire, Bernt Bodal (I can’t with that name). We know this because she constantly talks about being a “billionaire’s wife.” But she also talks about growing up poor and her boyfriend, Jimmy Juarez.

Jimmy and Elizabeth’s relationship has a sketchy timeline. She also claims they only recently started having sex because she wanted her divorce to be finalized. All of these alternative facts raised the eyebrows of her fellow cast members. Primarily Shannon Beador (she’ll deny it) and Braunwyn Windham-Burke. Then, last week, Elizabeth revealed that she was raised in a religious cult that was horribly abusive. This information puts Elizabeth’s omissions into perspective.

Since her childhood trauma has been revealed, Elizabeth is having a hard time watching RHOC. She revealed this in an Instagram story that was re-shared by a fan on Twitter. She starts the video saying, “so, I’m not going to lie watching the show unfold every Wednesday has been a little bit of a traumatic experience for me. You know I have all these emotions that come out of me because of the airing of the show.” I bet.

Elizabeth tells fans in the video that being on the show and re-watching these episodes is, “one of the most difficult things that I’ve ever done.” She is trying to find the positive in all of this, saying, “I think if I can explore the possibility of being free from the chains that I have from within, from the past experiences that I have had, that I’ll see life through a different lens and I’ll be a happier person.”


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I hope this happens for Elizabeth. I can only imagine what it’s like unpacking all of this in real life and on the show. Sometimes the first step to healing is sharing, so here’s hoping this helps in the long run.

Elizabeth ends the video saying, “so, enjoy the show. There are things on the show that are real. So be kind.” Be kind, yes. Initially, I didn’t care for Elizabeth joining the cast. This situation however is real, and we should recognize that. In a lot of ways, RHOC has been the best it’s ever been given all of the real-life issues displayed. Let’s hope women in other series open up like the women of the OC.


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