Captain Lee Rosbach Says James Hough ‘Doesn’t Give 2 Sh*ts’ About Below Deck Stew Elizabeth Frankini; Slams James For Mistreating Elizabeth And Izzy Wouters

Is it even a show-mance when one of the parties couldn’t be less interested? Watching James Hough completely snub Elizabeth Frankini on this season of Below Deck has been so painful. Say what you will about Rachel Hargrove, but her instincts on this one were dead on. Not only has she called out the fact that James is the worst, but she stood up for Elizabeth when it came to chief stew Francesca Rubi as well.

Rachel isn’t the only one who’s been less than impressed with James. In  last week’s episode it became clear Captain Lee Rosbach is equally unimpressed. Despite Francesa trying to rat on Elizabeth for sleeping in the guest cabin, it was quickly made apparent that Lee wanted James’ ass for taking part in the sleepover too.

Captain Lee has never been one to mince words. His blog is known to be a bounty of inside thoughts and opinions that he was better off keeping quiet during the charter season. Now, he’s sharing his feelings on the entire James and Elizabeth fiasco. He starts off, “Ok, Liz, what are you thinking? I fear that you are not.” Get your popcorn people! We’re in for a drag.

Lee seemingly wrote this part of the blog to Elizabeth personally. He said, “Can you not see that James doesn’t give two shits about you after he gets what he wants from you? I hate to see anyone used in that fashion, just plain wrong, but you keep going back in to take another one on the chin. I don’t even think you got a Happy Birthday, and for that you put your job on the line. Not a good move as far as I can see.” Not a good move, indeed. Women around the world screamed at their screens watching the demoted strew crawl into bed with that complete asshole for a birthday romp.


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The admonishment was followed by some encouragement. Captain Lee added, “You deserve better and I really feel that you are capable of better. But you haven’t shown that to me so far. Not sure what the future holds, but it doesn’t look well. It’s always the same for you, you mess up, you get caught, you apologize, say you’re sorry, wash and repeat. No change at all. We shall see.”

Now on to JamesCaptain Lee didn’t hold back here either. He wrote, “James, if you hadn’t been doing a good job on deck, that would have been your last mistake on board, period. I found your behavior atrocious to say the least, not that you care. Because when asked whether you would do it again, of course was your reply. Why does that not surprise me? And if it does happen again, you may as well just go pack your bags and leave. And as for the way you are treating Liz and Izzy [Wouters], you are a cold, cold person IMO.”


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This isn’t the first time Lee has had to defend Izzy against the completely tragic deck crew this year. But back to the read.

Captain Lee underscored how pathetic James really is. He said, “I feel bad for you, because what you’re putting out is going to come back to you someday and it will be brutal. I would wish you thought that treating people the way you would like to be treated would get thru to you. But that will take a while, I fear. But keep doing the good job on deck, and we will be fine as long as you don’t make another screw up like the last one. Because it will be your last one, I promise.”

And that’s that on that.


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