Cameran Eubanks Felt “Inauthentic” And “Hypocritical” Being On Southern Charm And Not Showing Her Private Life

Cameran Eubanks has long been a Bravo TV darling. She jumped onto the Southern Charm scene as the narrator and breakout star of the show. Fans loved her for her wit, honesty and take not BS attitude.

So fans were shocked when Cameran made a hasty exit from the show, deciding not to come back for another season. It was in the wake of castmate Kathryn Dennis’ racist emoji scandal. So some speculated that’s why Cameran, along with Naomie Olindo and Chelsea Meissner, decided they had enough. There were also cheating scandal rumors around Cam’s husband, Jason Wimberly. Which seem like the more likely cause of her sudden departure.

But Cameran is telling a different side of her story, opening up to Entertainment Tonight about her real reason for leaving the show. According to Cameran, “It just got to be a point in my life where I felt like it really didn’t serve me anymore. I felt like I didn’t quite fit in anymore.”

Despite episodes where she focused on being a new mom and trying to juggle work, Cam never featured Jason. This was always a sticking point with fans. And Cam knows it, as she explained, “Part of me started to feel hypocritical. These people are showing their children, their significant others and, when you’re on reality television — especially Bravo these days — that’s expected of you, and I didn’t wanna do it.”


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Throughout Cam’s six seasons on the show, Jason only appeared once, even though they married between seasons 1 and 2. Eventually, Cam realized that keeping her husband and daughter off the show didn’t quite work. She concluded, “I felt myself not being as authentic as I was. I just had to be true to myself and move on.”

I do think fans deserved to see more of her life on camera. While I don’t think that Southern Charm is the most transparent show of the Bravo franchises, the rest of the cast did show ample parts of their lives. We saw some serious breakups, infidelity and Kathryn going through two whole pregnancies. All on camera.


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While I think that everyone deserves some form of boundary, even on a reality show, it’s hard to argue for Cam keeping her family separate from the show for so long. Her husband may have preferred it that way, but Cam was ultimately put in a hard position of choosing her show or her family. It’s no surprise she chose her family, but I am surprised it took her so long. Either way, I’m hoping eventually, Cam will return to the silver screen. Maybe in a different capacity. One that strikes a better balance between her real life and her reality one.


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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]