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Whitney Rose Says Lisa Barlow Thinks She’s Better Than Her And Talks Down To Her

In addition to promoting her businesses and seemingly hoping to get a Diet Coke sponsorship, Lisa Barlow talked about Whitney Rose a lot during Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 1.

She didn’t like Whitney’s break dancing, her pole moves, and pretty much everything else Whitney said and did. It seemed like Whitney and Lisa found peace in Las Vegas, but that didn’t last for too long.

Whitney appeared on the Betches podcast Mention It All to dish on her first season. She was asked about Lisa going to Las Vegas by herself for “work” work instead of traveling with the other Housewives. Whitney said, “The truth of it is it’s because it was me. It’s because I planned it. I invited everyone.”

Whitney continued, “She’s always talking down to me. And, it’s like, I bet you if it was Meredith [Marks] that planned it, she would have flown with the group. But, with me, she has to elevate herself above me.”


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Whitney thinks that Lisa “truly always projects and portrays that she’s better than me.” After that, she elaborated, “I mean, you’ve seen her call me ‘trash.'”

After that, Whitney was asked about Lisa calling her a “snake” during an Instagram Live session. Whitney remarked, “I must taste so yummy because I’m always in your mouth, Lisa. If it wasn’t for me, you would have no content.”

Whitney continued, “She said to me ‘You did this to me by what you said in your [confessional] interviews.’ And I’m like ‘No, you did this to yourself because this is how people are perceiving you. And you are being held accountable for how you’re treating people. It’s not because I said anything.'” So, Lisa is mad at Whitney because viewers are bothered by the way they’ve seen Lisa treat Whitney. Makes sense?


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This is a similar sentiment that Lisa shared when she was arguing with Heather Gay during the reunion. If the viewers are siding with Heather when she’s at odds with Lisa and siding Whitney when she’s at odds with Lisa, there’s one common denominator here: Lisa.

Whitney said that with the episodes airing, Lisa is “forced to look at how people are perceiving her.” And she’s not liking that. She’s not gonna like anything that prevents her from selling tequila. Or launching that men’s grooming business with her middle school-aged kids who seemingly haven’t grown facial hair yet.


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