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Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City Star Whitney Rose Does Not Trust Lisa Barlow Anymore

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City cast went into the finale party questioning each other’s trustworthiness.  It was a heavy miasma that could have caused a huge scene at the grand opening of Heather Gay’s new spa, especially if Jen Shah had reacted the way she usually does when confronted.

All of this tension stemmed from a trust game conducted by a hypnotist in a random Las Vegas living room.  Heather was floored when Jen revealed that she did not trust her. Meanwhile, Jen had her own revelation about how her friends viewed her.  Add to this is the hurt Meredith Marks felt when she found out Jen was gossiping about her marriage.  Finally, Whitney Rose was gauging whether she and Lisa Barlow truly had a breakthrough in their friendship.

The ladies of RHOSLC were expecting Jen to lash out at someone during the finale.  Take your pick on the recipient of her reactivity.  Even Mary Cosby, who was absent most of the season, had her guard up against Jen.

But an understated conflict of the evening was the interaction between Lisa and Meredith.  Lisa did seem to backtrack on her stance with JenIn Vegas, she backed Meredith and wanted little to do with Jen.  Then Lisa quickly made up with her upon their return to Salt Lake City.  Meredith was surprised and hurt, but did not push Lisa to pick sides.  However, it does call to question whether Lisa is an appeaser or a peace-maker.


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Reflecting on that behavior, Whitney had to be considering whether she truly made amends with Lisa or not.  On a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen asked Whitney whether she trusted Lisa during the session with the hypnotist.  Lisa and Whitney were taking shots at each other for a while this season. So, the ease in which they made up in Las Vegas was a bit questionable.

Whitney replied, “no not anymore.  But in that moment, I was hopeful that I could.  Yes.”


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There was no apparent interaction between Whitney and Lisa at the finale party, perhaps more issues will come to light during the reunion.


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