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Melissa Gorga Says Teresa Giudice “Lashed Out Like A Crazy Person” Because She “Needed Sex”

This is the first Real Housewives of New Jersey season where we will see a truly single Teresa Giudice. Previously, she faced cheating claims when she was photographed holding hands with a random 26-year-old guy while Joe Giudice was locked up. Now, she and Joe are officially headed toward divorce.

He’s dating a lawyer in Italy. And she’s dating Luis “Louie” Ruelas, which apparently happened after Season 11 finished filming. That means we are gonna see a lot from single Teresa, which Melissa Gorga recently discussed because she always talks about Teresa.

“I mean, she was like a wild woman,” Melissa said about Teresa during a recent appearance on the Chicks in the Office podcast.

Melissa recalled, “She was just like licking things and like wanting to touch things and everything had like a sexual twist. I was like ‘this girl needs to have sex. Like she’s dying.’ She was just like, everything turned into like horny. If you showed her a banana, she was like ‘You know what you could do with that banana.’ I’m like ‘Oh my God.’ Like, she was talking about vibrators. It was just what she needed. to find a man or she was making things her man.” I wonder if Teresa talked about sex more than Melissa said the word “like” this season.


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In regard to Teresa’s new man, Melissa said, “We’ll see how that goes, you know? It’s the beginning and, you know, you never know anybody that well in the beginning. So, we’ll see how that pans out.” How optimistic.

Melissa shared, “I’ve met him, yes. We’ve all met him. He seems like a nice guy. But, like I said, you never know. It’s the beginning, so we’ll see what happens.” How supportive.

“We don’t need any new family members. We’re not looking for any. If it happens and it works out, good for them. God bless,” Melissa said.


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Melissa insisted, “I truly want her to be happy. I want the girls to be happy. Maybe, if she’s happy, she’ll be less agitated all the time, so it would be great for her to just be content.” Melissa wondered, “Is that what your frustrations were all these years? Why [do] you lash out like a crazy person? It’s because you need sex.” What loving sentiments.


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