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Marlo Hampton Thinks She And Porsha Williams Never Had A True Friendship And Porsha Is Jealous Of Her

As much as I love Real Housewives of Atlanta, I’m ready for this season to wrap up. While it was explosive in terms of housewives story lines, I am done talking about whether or not Porsha Williams slept with Bolo. Even if she did, she’s never going to admit it at this point. And the women of RHOA just look petty when they continue to beat the rumor to death.

While Porsha has been furiously trying to shut down the rumor, it’s caused her falling out with both Kenya Moore and Marlo Hampton. Kenya because, well, Kenya won’t stop saying it’s true. And Marlo for siding with Kenya about the whole thing. Despite Marlo claiming she’s being put in the middle, she has clearly drawn sides. And it’s not Porsha’s.

This seems to suit Marlo just fine, as she feels like they were never real friends to begin with. Marlo recently talked to Entertainment Tonight and reflected on their relationship. Marlo traces it back to Porsha’s reaction when Kenya famously interrupted her wig launch with a whole marching band.

Marlo explained, “I played back everything. Porsha was laying, rolling like a little fat chicken on the floor. She was wobbling and rolling.” Not a chicken! She continued, “And my friends called me, my unconditional friends from back home in Florida and my best friend, she’s like, ‘I thought you were Porsha were cool.’ I’m like, we were, what’s wrong? She’s like, ‘Why was she on the floor laughing? At something that’s really a part of your livelihood. You’re launching a business. It’s not like she clowns you, but that was awful what Kenya did.’ And for you to be on the ground laughing?” Ok, Marlo has a good point.


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But Marlo thinks something else is fueling Porsha’s ill will towards her. And that thing is jealousy. Marlo boasted, “I definitely bring the clout. We know Porsha admires me. She’s copied everything I do except my face. Have you noticed she changed her whole entire face? I don’t even know what damn doctor’s office is that, where is your new face [from], Porsha? Where is it? But the only thing I want her to copy me with now is to get lipo. She needs lipo, or just stop eating so much.”

Whew this interview is a mess. Marlo really isn’t holding back. I want to take her side in all this because I think Porsha is doing Marlo dirty but I do have to cross the line at all the body shaming. Marlo is better than that. Or is she? Maybe not. Either way, I don’t think these two are going to reconcile anytime soon. Definitely not after these comments.


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