Marlo Hampton Says Porsha Williams Is “Reaching A New Low” For Saying She Mixed Drugs And Alcohol

Real Housewives of Atlanta has been fabulous this season. Cynthia Bailey’s dungeon-themed bachelorette party in South Carolina was raunchy and hilarious. Thank you, Kandi Burruss! A stripper named Bolo performed for the RHOA peaches, and allegedly got very personal with two of the ladies.

Kenya Moore heard two female voices with Bolo in an empty bedroom, and she is hell-bent on finding out who slept with Bolo. Kenya is convinced that she recognized Porsha William’s voice, and is trying to out her. It’s called girl code, Kenya.

Kenya and Marlo Hampton mended their friendship during the final night of the trip. Yes–hell has officially frozen over. Porsha wasn’t thrilled that Marlo is now besties with Kenya, which puts Marlo in the middle between these two ladies. And that is not a comfortable place to be.

In New Orleans, Marlo asked Porsha if it was true that she slept with Bolo. Porsha denied it. Marlo had a melt-down at the dinner with Big Freedia. While Marlo initially believed Porsha about Bolo, she has changed her mind and now believes Kenya.


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“I didn’t care if it was on camera off, I need to look you in your eyes and make sure Kenya is not just trying to really come over here, lie on you, befriend me and turn me against you,” Marlo said. “But you’re not saying anything.” That led Marlo to one conclusion. “At the end of the day we know it’s bulls**t, I know you’re lying, OK? I know you’re lying,” Marlo remarked. “Porsha is like, ‘No, it didn’t happen. If you were my friend, you wouldn’t have to ask that.’”

Porsha slammed Marlo and claimed that Marlo “rode NeNe’s [Leakes] coattail for years, okay? –Years.” During the most recent episode of RHOA, Kandi hosted a tasting for close family and friends at her new restaurant. Porsha and Shamea Morton wanted to taste victory by getting Marlo to admit that she had liposuction before the trip to New Orleans. They didn’t believe that Marlo had a sore back. Marlo denied having liposuction.


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Later, Porsha discussed Marlo’s out-of-nowhere fit during dinner with Big Freedia. “The thing about Marlo is that I actually feel sorry for her. You know sometimes when you get lipo and you be on the pills, and then you mix them with alcohol,” Porsha stated. That’s so shady, Porsha. “That ain’t a good look. You know what I’m saying? So, I’m gonna forgive her for that day because mixing medication and alcohol, it don’t actually work well.” Oof.

Marlo clapped back on Instagram, and a Twitter user posted the screenshot. (There is some rough grammar ahead.) Marlo wrote, “First @kandi drugged you. Now I’m on drugs! You reaching a new low P #socialjusticeleader it wasn’t that deep,” Marlo stated. “Never in my life have I done drugs…I (heart emoji) and forgive you though for getting Henny wasted on National TV & bussin it open for a stripper in fake Chanel.” Boom! Mic drop.


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