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Marlo Hampton Claps Back After Porsha Williams Said She “Rode NeNe Leakes’ Coattails”

The feuds on Real Housewives of Atlanta are sure heating up this season. Both on camera and off. While we are still in the midst of BoloGate, we are seeing the fallout in real time on the gossip sites. Reality Tea included.

We recently told you about how Porsha Williams accused renewed nemesis Marlo Hampton of riding NeNe Leakes’ coattails. The two have been going at each other ever since Marlo has reunited with Kenya Moore. Kenya and Marlo are claiming that Porsha slept with the hired stripper, Bolo, for Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party in South Carolina. And Porsha isn’t taking it lying down, hence her accusations that Marlo is only relevant thanks to NeNe.

Marlo, never being one to stay silent, is clapping back at Porsha’s insult. She recently told Entertainment Tonight, “I don’t follow anyone. I’m the leader. I’m the boss. I’m that girl. I was on the show before Porsha, let’s be clear. I have tweets where Porsha has tweeted, ‘I only watch this show because of you.’” Oop! Well if you have them, let’s see them, Marlo. Don’t be shy now.

She continued to boast, “I bring the clout. I bring it. I can’t be a clout chaser. I’m a loyal friend. Now, I was down for [ NeNe]. You know, she’s going by, ‘Oh, she rode NeNe’s coattail…’ No, I introduced NeNe to things. I gifted her her first Chanel on TV, you saw that.”


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The comments Marlo is referring to happened when Porsha was on the RHOA after-show. Porsha claimed that the dinner in New Orleans with Big Freedia was the nail in the coffin of her friendship with Marlo. Despite Porsha and Marlo making amends only a few hours before, Marlo stormed out of the dinner when she felt like Kenya and Porsha were putting her in the middle of their beef.

Porsha said of Marlo on the after-show, “Some people are clout chasers like that. and if she thought Kenya was gonna be able to ruin my name, ruin me, bring me down, then she was going to the next most powerful thing, that’s who she thought Kenya was. Same way she rode NeNe’s coattail for years. OK? Years.”


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Marlo maintains that she didn’t make up with Kenya to spite Porsha and that Cynthia was actually the one to bring Marlo and Kenya together. Marlo explained, “When you see the footage where Cynthia took me down [to Kenya’s room] and we just… it felt good making up with Kenya,” Marlo says. “I’m taking baby steps with Kenya, because Kenya really did hurt me. I wish no harm on her, and Porsha, you can’t control … who I make-up with and I become friends with again. As long as I’m loyal to you, I feel that’s the only thing that matters.”

Now Marlo is saying she’s loyal but let’s face it, she doesn’t have the  best track record and her friendship with NeNe is included in that assessment. I don’t know if Marlo and Porsha will ever make up but if they do, Porsha should tread very lightly. Marlo may not chase clout but she sure courts drama.


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