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Kandi Burruss Denies Knowing She Was A Side Piece When She Conceived Her Daughter Riley Burruss; Says Ex Block Spencer Wasn’t Married While They Were Together

Years ago, we saw Kandi Burruss‘ daughter Riley Burruss attempt to reconnect with her estranged father Russell “Block” Spencer on Real Housewives of Atlanta. We didn’t hear much about their strained relationship until the current season when Riley shared that she wants the child support money that she never got from her dad.

After that, Block slammed Kandi and his own daughter in a radio interview. He claimed that Kandi knew she was a side piece when they conceived Riley. He even said that he’s “cool” with all of his kids except for Riley. Yikes. Now, Kandi is addressing his claims.

Kandi told MadamNoire,”I heard he said a lot, girl. I didn’t really address a lot of it because it was this ongoing situation. Everybody put out this narrative that he was a married man. First of all, he was not married. That was some B.S. I didn’t even know that he was in that relationship because he had been lying.”

She added, “Most women, if you start talking to a dude and he’s in another situation, he’s not telling you this.”

Kandi continued, “The only reason why I found out about the relationship was because I actually checked his voicemail one day and heard her on there. They love to tell everybody I called her. I called her because I heard a voicemail. And I was like, ‘Come clean, tell the truth.’”


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The Atlanta Housewife claimed, “He said, ‘You can do whatever.’ So I’m like, okay well I’ll call her myself. He said, ‘Call her then!’ He didn’t think I had the number. But I had it because I checked the voicemail.”

“After I had that conversation, he and I never talked—I mean we communicated—but we never kicked it on an intimate level after that,” Kandi shared.

She addressed Block’s lack of participation in Riley’s life as well. Kandi remarked, “The thing that I don’t like is when guys don’t want to do their part, then they want to turn around and somehow make it like it was your fault that they didn’t do what they were supposed to do.

Just take care of your responsibilities. Our daughter is daggone 18-years-old now, in college, doing her thing. You have not been doing your part, the part you said you were going to do. So it’s just as simple as that.” Exactly.

Kandi added, “So now you need to be focused on doing his part, which now he’s going to do because they’re going to make him pay his back child support. I’m not mad and I hope he ain’t either.”


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Kandi preached, “We as women need to stop trying to believe the lie of the guy and find ways to blame each other. It’s real simple.”

She concluded, “We literally only kicked it for a few months. If it wasn’t for Riley, I would not even remember him.” Damn.


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