Ramona Singer Says “No One Really Missed Dorinda Medley” On Real Housewives Of New York

If you ask Ramona Singer a question, expect to get a Ramona Singer style answer.  It’s quite distinct.  And if you’re new to Real Housewives of New York, consider that her responses have been called Singer Stingers.  Ramona will make a snarky statement, then have to deny any ill intent before issuing a half assed apology.  It’s a recurring theme and all RHONY cast members will have experienced it.

Of course, as multi-faceted person, Ramona has moments of being a nurturing and caring friend too.  Well intentioned overall, but always putting her foot in her mouth.  Did she really call her hospitality director “THE HELP”?  Newbie Eboni K. Williams cringed, as did we all.  It’s takes a little while to get used to Ramona-isms.

It’s not as if Ramona is playing up for the cameras.  She’ll say the same sort of things off the show as well.  Just listen to some of her interviews, such as a recent sit-down with People’s Reality Checked.

The host asked about the cast dynamic this season without Dorinda Medley.  “This was the first season since Dorinda’s departure from last year,” she said, “what was it like for you, filming without her, and do you two still speak at all, are you guys friends?” Ramona answered, “you know, I always say, filming the show, it’s like, we’re just all cogs in a wheel.  One cog comes out, one spike comes out, the wheel keeps going.”

Ok, so far so good.  That’s a reasonable response.  Ramona is making the point that she and the rest of the cast are replaceable, though we’ve never had RHONY without Ramona.  Let’s continue.


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“So even though, she wasn’t there, no one really missed her presence because this show is a machine.  If I’m not there, I don’t think people will miss it either. Or Luann [de Lesseps] or Leah [McSweeney]. It’s a machine, it just keeps going.”

And there it is.  A Ramona-sim.  The overall intention is clear but the wording could be better.  It’s interesting to note that the host interviewed Ramona for years, so she knows how to react and wrangle her.  She asked a follow-up question, seemingly, to clarify if Ramona was being snarky or just being gauche.


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When the host said, “and are you and Dorinda friends still, do you guys talk,” Ramona answered, “I haven’t really spoken to her, but I only wish her the best.”

That’s interesting, it seemed like she and Dorinda would have had contact since last season.  But Dorinda has been living quietly at Blue Stone Manor, while Ramona has been living full throttle through the coronavirus pandemic.  Maybe they’re just not on the same page currently, but the host clarified that there is, “no bad blood is what you’re saying.”

Let the season unfurl, bring on the Ramona-isms.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]