Braunwyn Windham-Burke

Braunwyn Windham-Burke Allegedly Stole Married Girlfriend Fernanda Rocha From Her Wife

Braunwyn Windham-Burke is not a conventional woman.  It’s not a matter of judgement, just a general observation.  First of all, she’s on a show depicting how the top one-percent live. I sure as hell am never going to buy an apartment in Miami for the sole purpose of romantic liaisons.  Her upbringing was lax and unstructured.  Braunwyn has struggled with alcoholism and drug use, even allegedly offering coke to Shannon Beador’s daughter.  Despite all that, the facade of a perfect marriage and family was well maintained.  At least until she joined the Real Housewives of Orange County.

Her love life is also unconventional, not a comment on  her sexual preference, but because of the support she gets from her husband.  By the end of Season 15, Braunwyn admitted to having an open marriage and came out as a lesbian in December.  She started a sobriety journey, and made celebrity news by exploring her sexual preferences openly and being linked to multiple women.  The mother of seven dated a woman named Kris between the new year and early April.  There was speculation that Kris would appear on RHOC, but it looks like neither Braunwyn nor Bravo was ready to commit to Kris.  However, there is someone that could potentially appear on screen as Braunwyn’s new love interest.

Recall, if you will, a time when Tamra Judge was only recently divorced, and CUT Fitness hadn’t been conceived yet.  During RHOC Season 6, Tamra introduced Fernanda Rocha to viewers.  Fernanda made it clear she was interested in Tamra, and the two shared a kiss at Tamra’s birthday party.

Now, the fellow gym owner has been linked to the newly-out Braunwyn.  The two were introduced by Tamra in the fall before they went public in April 2021.  According to The Sun, Fernanda and Braunwyn, “became friends through Tamra Judge,” before they, “escalated into a sexual relationship.”

At the time, Tamra admitted on Jeff Lewis Live that Braunwyn’s, “been hanging out with Fernanda, who was on the show.  I don’t know if she’s dating Fernanda.  This is a new one, [but] they’ve been hanging out a lot.”  The only other indication of the new relationship was a comment written by Braunwyn on the brunette beauty’s Instagram photo.  “Hotness!” the RHOC star posted.


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The only issue to a seemingly promising new coupling, is Fernanda’s WIFE Tessa Rocha.  After more than six years together, Tessa filed for divorce from Fernanda on January 13th, 2021 and is seeking “dissolution without child.”  Fernanda has yet to respond.

Tessa’s family takes offense to the public manner of the separation.  A source close to Tessa said, “it has been really hard because it’s been really public, and it’s been shameless on their part.”  The source added that Tessa’s parents are, “really hurt.”

Dating a famous person can’t be easy for the jilted partner.  And while the insider doesn’t, “think Braunwyn knew,” Fernanda was married.  The aftermath is still the same though.  Tessa is publicly humiliated and filing for divorce.  Meanwhile Fernanda and Braunwyn are free to continue their relationship and perhaps even exploit it for camera time on Bravo.  After all, “Fernanda has always wanted to be famous,” according to the insider.  “She’s always needed the limelight,” the insider added, “she had some regrets about her prior stint on the show.”


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Fernanda wasn’t actually well-received during her first stint on RHOC, but a story line with Braunwyn could prove a ratings booster.  “I don’t think she got good ratings or drama,” an insider opined, “and I think that really bothered her.”  Braunwyn needs an image overhaul too.  She was quite destructive last season while navigating sobriety and coming out.  Again, the insider speculates that the two lovers are keeping their relationship under wraps to peak interest for the new season.  The insider said, “I think Braunwyn has needed better ratings too. Braunwyn has stayed silent on their relationship even though they’re very serious.”

As Fernanda navigates divorce, Braunwyn has all the support from husband Sean Burke.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out.  Onscreen and/or off.


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