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Braunwyn Windham-Burke Responds To Gretchen Rossi’s Claim She’s An “Inauthentic” Lesbian; Braunwyn Calls Gretchen “Uneducated”

It sounds like the Battle of the Brain Cells is going down during a break in filming Real Housewives of Orange County. It certainly isn’t rare for women no longer appearing on a show to comment needlessly about their former gig. It’s also the #3 rule in a non-existent handbook that former stars must not speak well of the current cast in any manner. This is most likely because they didn’t leave they show voluntarily and instead found themselves the victim of being #firedbybravo.

So it makes sense that Gretchen Rossi’s name dusted off the dirt and decided to come out and play. Recently Gretch was on a podcast, god bless the podcast host who remembered her, and decided to speak on Braunwyn Windham-Burke. Yes, Braunwyn has done the most and a lot of viewers found her distasteful, but the one thing Braunwyn has going for her is at least she isn’t… Gretchen. After calling Braunwyn inauthentic and claiming not to “understand her sexuality”, Braunwyn has a response. This would be a good time for Gretchen to pack for Bass Lake.

If you think Gretchen has been chilling out in quarantine, catching up on all of the RHOC episodes she isn’t on, you would be absolutely correct wrong. Gretchen says she doesn’t watch the show but Maury Povich would probably determine that is a lie. For someone who isn’t keeping up, she sure has a lot to say. Last week Gretchen found herself on a podcast discussing the current group of ladies, and felt some type of way about Braunwyn’s lifestyle.

“It felt very inauthentic because like one day she’s [Braunwyn’s] straight, one day she’s lesbian,” Gretchen said. The expert on LGBTQIA added, “You know what I mean? Like it was just kind of confusing. At least that’s what I’m gathering from what a lot of people have told me when I’m out talking to them or what you see in the comments.” Was Braunie’s situation confusing? Yes. Could a blade of grass also confuse Gretchen? Possibly.


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Braunwyn got word of Gretchen’s bewildered state and decided to try and explain things. In an interview with Heavy, Braunwyn responded, “What an uneducated comment.” In Gretchen’s defense, I’m not entirely sure there is a vast chasm of “educated” comments for her to pull from. Braunwyn continued, “It sets every woman who is questioning their sexuality back years – just as comments like these have stunted my coming out in the past. It’s not overnight ‘one day straight, one day lesbian’ – it’s years of inner turmoil that is unfortunately fueled by micro-aggressions/ ingrained misogynistic comments like she makes.”

That’s fair. Gretchen could have said hundreds of things about Braunwyn. She acts out like a child. She puts her family in questionable situations. She’s kind of an asshole. But you don’t need to attack her sexuality. Braunwyn’s journey might be atypical, but it’s no one’s place to weaponize what gender someone prefers. Lots of people might question why Gretchen still isn’t married but had a child with a man who may or may not ignore his incredibly ill son from a previous relationship. Right?


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Braunwyn doesn’t mind educating Gretchen going forward. “If she [Gretchen] finds it so ‘confusing’ I’m here to educate- she has my number. However, I don’t think she’s as interested in learning about LGBTQ+ people as she is about talking about a tv show that she claims she’s never watched and hasn’t been on in a decade.” Ouch. While Braunwyn is busy navigating her life and possibly preparing for a new season of RHOC, Gretchen will stay busy applying aloe to that burn.


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