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Vicki Gunvalson Says Braunwyn Windham-Burke’s Sexuality Is “Confusing”; Claims She Has Not Liked Braunwyn Since The Day They Met

Take a deep, cleansing breath because we have an update on Vicki Gunvalson! For the most part, Vicki can be found lamenting about her glory days on Real Housewives of Orange County. Vicki is still in recovery due to the enormous chip on her shoulder that manifested as a result of getting pink slipped. But Vicki has other things going for her, healthy grandkids, her own business, and fiancé Steve Chavez Lodge.

Instead of focusing on what she does have, Vicki clings to what she lost. She isn’t fond of the RHOC cast that carried on in her absence and she makes no bones about sharing her dismay. She seems particularly jealous wary of Braunwyn Windham-Burke, despite the fact that Braunwyn isn’t checking for Vicki (to be fair, no one checks for Vicki). Recently, Vickster revealed she didn’t like Braunwyn from the jump, which basically makes Braunwyn like everyone else Vicki has ever met.

The OG of the OC is still flapping her gums but it seems fewer people care each time. But she’s annoying spitfire and will keep talking as long as she thinks folks are listening. Since being fired, Vicki has maintained a steady diatribe about her distaste for any RHOC season not involving her presence. Since the trainwreck of Season 15 revolved mainly around Braunwyn’s life, she remains an easy target for Vicki’s displaced anger.

In the past, Vicki accused Braunwyn of creating controversial storylines in an effort to stay relevant. This… sounds familiar for some reason. Vicki would never think of, oh I don’t know, doing whatever she can to call attention to herself while cameras are rolling. Any ER nurse on duty while the cast visited an exotic location would probably be happy to confirm. She has also called Braunwyn’s decision-making skills into question regarding her family. Vicki wouldn’t know anything about subjecting her family to a potentially toxic situation.


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Vicki took part in a new interview where she again attacks Braunwyn for no apparent reason. On Instagram, an episode of S’more Date featured Vicki and good ‘ol Steve, because I guess everyone else was busy. Reality Blurb shared the deets. Vicki discussed who she thinks will return for Season 16 and segued into her distaste for Braunwyn. Again. She just can’t wrap her head around why Braunie is still married to Sean Burke despite coming out as a lesbian. Easy answer, none ya business.

“I think it’s very confusing,” Vicki said. Also confusing, why Vicki would remain with a man like Brooks Ayers after he insulted her daughter and deceived everyone about having cancer. Vickster continued, “And if that was her ploy to come on a national TV show and say she’s got seven kids, she’s married then comes to this other side. I’m very confused and I never liked her [since] the day I saw her.” In Braunwyn’s defense, at least she didn’t come on a national TV show and lie to the viewing audience about caring for someone lying about cancer so she could get a goddamned casserole.


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When asked which cast mate she wouldn’t take advice from, Vicki said, YOU GUESSED IT, Braunwyn. “I would not take any advice from Braunwyn, so I’m going to say Braunwyn.” Well golly Vicks, maybe you should take some marriage advice from Braunie. It seems that even through literal hell and high water, Braunwyn’s one marriage has outlasted Vicki’s two. And she can’t seem to seal the deal to make it to number three.

Hopefully Vicki can find something to fill the hole that remains after leaving RHOC. Braunwyn has her faults, maybe calls the paps on herself, possibly engages in situations that aren’t particularly healthy, but she’s not on the streets thinking about Vicki. And therein lies the problem. Truth be told, the only person on the streets thinking about Vicki is… Vicki.


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