Robyn Dixon Says Monique Samuels Wasn’t Missed And They Don’t Even Utter Her Name During Season 6 Of Real Housewives Of Potomac

Real Housewives of Potomac is off and running. In case you missed this week’s episode, it was jam packed with fun already. Bless these ladies for always bringing it, no matter how early in the season.

But while the drama and shade hasn’t changed, the cast this season certainly has. Newbie housewife Mia Thornton has already entered the mix, dishing on her plastic surgery and elderly husband. And she’s bringing the heat in a future episode, where she is seen throwing a handful of salad at castmate Candiace Dillard Bassett. So with all that Mia is bringing to the table, it’s no surprise that Monique Samuels, who quit the show after a disastrous last season, isn’t really missed by the ladies.

Robyn Dixon confirms that sentiment, telling E! News that they don’t even talk about Monique. Said Robyn, “To be honest, we do not utter Monique’s name, not one time, so to say that she wasn’t missed was kind of an understatement. That’s no knock to her, it’s just we as grown women chose to move forward and not dwell in the past.” No knock to her? Please, girl. But I’m not mad.

Robyn also admitted, “And, on the flip side, there’s a new person coming around, Mia, who has nothing to do with any of the drama of the past. It was refreshing to meet someone new that could care less about what happened in the past and wanted to meet us on her own.” I think viewers agree that Mia is a break of fresh air.

She finished, “So to say that Monique wasn’t missed, that’s an understatement. I’m not trying to be mean, we just had to move on and try to move forward.”


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For her part, Gizelle Bryant used her signature shade when being asked about Monique not being their this season. “Who’s Monique?” she responded. Gizelle also admitted, “Last season I found it to be toxic, and we had none of that. We had absolutely none of that.”

I don’t blame the women for not thinking about Monique. It was clear they never liked her and were thrilled when it was announced she wasn’t coming back. And the circumstances were pretty dramatic so I seriously doubt Monique had much choice but to step away. Not only for her own good, but for everyone else’s.


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