Real Housewives Of Potomac Season 6 Trailer: Food Fights, Cheating Allegations And More!

Bravo has really given us so many gifts this month it’s hard to keep track. They granted us with the return of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and the Real Housewives of New York. BravoCon 2021 dates were announced after fans didn’t even know if the event would be held this year. And there’s been plenty of drama from Porsha Williams’ engagement to an explosive Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion featuring Melissa Gorga vs. Jennifer Aydin. The network also revealed that the Real Housewives of Potomac would be returning this summer, so needless to say Bravoholics have a lot to look forward to.

And now Bravo has given us another gift — the first RHOP trailer. The Potomac ladies are coming off a dramatic Season 5, with the Candiace Dillard-Bassett vs. Monique Samuels fight. Moni is out for good and new housewife Mia Thornton, a friend of Ashley Darby, is in. Ashley’s tumultuous relationship with Michael Darby is still intact after the couple welcomed a second baby, and I have faith he’ll find a way to mess up again next season.

But back to the RHOP trailer. It’s full of suspense and some scenes look like they came straight from the Desperate Housewives. It starts with sophomore Wendy Osefo narrating about the “town of smoke and mirrors” proclaiming that “you never know who you can trust.” It’s obvious by the end it’s a dig at Gizelle Bryant. Considering they recently unfollowed each other on social media, something was bound to happen. And from the trailer, it looks like Gizzy brings up rumors about Eddie Osefo having a “side baby” with another woman and Miss Wendy With The Four Degrees sure doesn’t like that. “I see you for everything everybody ever said that you are,” Wendy yells at Gizelle at one point before yelling at production to “cut these mother f–king cameras.” When I tell you I got chills.

While the Moni v. CandeeGal fight is finally in our rearview mirror, it looks like she gets into it with newbie Mia. They literally get in a food fight with one another, screaming and throwing lettuce. CandeeGal has always had a temper, so I need to know WHAT made her so mad that she started throwing salad every which way. La Dame Karen Huger seems to be a big fan of Mia, which is shocking considering she often does love new girls. She calls Mia “a boss” and “a breath of fresh air” so it sounds like Karen might have a fellow bandit for herself this time around. Mia also looks like she’ll delve deep into her past, including growing up in foster care and family issues, which means she understood the assignment of being on the Real Housewives.


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Of course, the Karen and Gizzy drama is going to continue. We see Gizelle in one clip saying that Ray Huger needs to pay his bills while Karen is off to the side eating and not even knowing that Gizzy was speaking to her. Classic La Dame. She also screams at one point that she “should be able to show [her] pubic hair” which is exactly why she’s the queen of Potomac.

Gizelle’s relationship with Pastor Jamal Bryant who lives in the phone also seems to not be going well. Gizzy talks about her long-distance pandemic relationship not working and breaks down in tears at one point. Karen says, “Honey you got dragged and you let him back in and he dragged you again.” She’s not wrong.


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Marriage issues also look like they’ll be a common theme during Season 6. Candiace and Chris Bassett, her new assistant, are learning the hard way that mixing business and pleasure doesn’t always work. Karen catches Ray receiving a “good morning handsome” text from another woman and threatens to “find her ass.” Again, iconic.

Wendy and Eddie also go back and forth, and the baby mama rumors definitely aren’t helping that. Even Robyn Dixon and Juan Dixon, who seemed to be in a good place during the reunion, look like they’ll have some disagreements. And of course, Ashley is shown crying, probably about Michael, but at this point, she’s going to stick by that man no matter what.


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RHOP is set to return July 11 at 8 p.m. according to @bravohousewives on Instagram, so we don’t have to wait much longer for the ladies of Potomac to be back on our screens, bringing it as always.

Watch the Real Housewives of Potomac trailer below:


[Photo Credit: Bravo]