Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave And Her Husband Edwin Arroyave Had Coronavirus

The coronavirus has been lurking around the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills since Kyle Richards, Kathy Hilton, and Dorit Kemsley all came down with the illness during filming for the current season.  Maybe it’s harder for the top 1% to live in isolation, but this virus is the great equalizer and no one can hide in an ivory tower.

Adding to the list of RHOBH housewives that have caught Covid is alum Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave. Despite their active and healthy lifestyles, she and husband Edwin Arroyave got it bad.  They were ill at the same time and documented their dual experiences.  Teddi was vaccinated, while Edwin was not.  It’s an interesting case study to say the least.  Without getting political about the efficacy of vaccines, this particular anecdotal evidence supports the importance of inoculation.

Teddi broke the news on her podcast Teddi Tea PodPeople transcribed her Monday episode in which Teddi revealed that she and Edwin both tested positive for Covid-19.

Teddi told her listeners, “a while back I had COVID and I didn’t really talk about it because I was just really focused on making sure that I was healthy and my family was healthy.  I was vaccinated and my husband was not, which he has since realized what a big mistake that was.”

The 40 year old continued, “we both had COVID and we had to quarantine from our family, and actually from each other.”  Edwin began showing symptoms first, after which Teddi chose to isolate as a precaution.  “At first, he tested positive so he was quarantined,” she said. “then I had a feeling so I just quarantined myself as well into another room until I ended up testing positive.”


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The couple had “very different” symptoms.  Teddi explained, “I got through it quicker.”  Her illness lasted for about six days, though she still has lingering vertigo.  Edwin, 44, suffered for 15 days and, “was super weak, and it was so many different things and it really was a great reminder how important it is, you know, to get vaccinated,” Teddi said.

Physical symptoms were enough to deal with, but the parents were also emotionally strained worrying about their three children.  Slate, 8, Cruz, 6, and Dove, 1, were spared the illness but Teddi said it was, “extremely difficult” to quarantine away from them and was, “worried of giving it to them, especially because Slate has an autoimmune disease.”

Teddi’s illness was shorter, but she does have lingering vertigo.  “I would feel like I was laying on a water bed and then when I’d get up I’d feel dizzy,” she said of the symptom, “and it kind of lingered with me, even post-COVID, and it had been continuing to happen.”  Fitness fanatic Teddi has had to “shift” her grueling regime due to the “lingering dizzy feeling.”


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Covid is known to cause long-term symptoms in some, even after defeating the virus.  For Teddi, the severity of the vertigo lessened as time went on, until it led to a further complication that prompted her to seek medical attention.

Recently, Teddi lost her balance and fell down because of the dizziness.  After trying to pull herself back up, she fainted.  The ordeal left her with a black eye and a busted lip.  She shared a picture of her bruises on Instagram Sunday.

It was this “scary” incident that pushed Teddi to visit a doctor.  She has been experiencing brain fog since the fall, another common symptom for post-covid patients.  Teddi said she, “felt really foggy and just not like myself ever since,” and concluded that she will, “be diligent about wanting to understand why it happened.”


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]