Teddi Mellencamp Denies Being On Phone With Crystal Kung Minkoff When She Complained About Sutton Stracke

Last week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ended with Sutton Stracke cautiously knocking on Crystal Kung Minkoff’s door before opening it and walking in.  Sutton was convinced that bringing an outdoor coat from where it was left in the living room to Crystal’s bedroom would be appreciated.  The gesture of a “good friend.”  Unfortunately, Crystal and Sutton are neither “good” nor friends at this point.

Of course, editing wanted to delay showing Crystal’s reaction until the next episode.  So we only know from the teaser that Sutton walks in on her naked, and she is not too happy about it.  The mishap just adds to a lineup of very awkward behavior from Sutton during the cast trip.

The RHOBH ladies can’t help but gossip about Sutton’s meltdown.  To her credit, Kyle Richards tried to give her some tough love.  Lisa Rinna, and Crystal took the preferable route and retired to their rooms in disbelief.  While Sutton got a pep talk from Kyle in the living room, Crystal was on the phone with a friend spilling the tea.  It was not a flattering conversation for Sutton’s image, and it’s clear that she and Crystal are not off to a good start.  But Real Housewives sleuths REALLY want to know, who was Crystal speaking to?

Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave’s name came up.  The fired/rehired alum was the one to recommend Crystal for the show in the first place.  But Teddi denies being on the receiving end of that call, she is also calling on Crystal to back her up.  Bravo Snark Side shared the public video Teddi shared in her IG story denying any involvement with Crystal’s phone call.


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Bravo Snark Side captioned the post, “Teddi Mellencamp asks Crystal Minkoff to clarify she wasn’t the one on the phone with her in the last episode!  Is Teddi trying to influence a Sutton take down?”

Juicy!  What could be better than a ruthless Teddi vying to get her old job back?  And Sutton being as emotional and insecure as she is could be the perfect target.

It’s an interesting theory, but Teddi denied any involvement.  She said, “Crystal, I need you to set the record straight.  Everyone and their mother has been DMing me, saying they think you were on the phone with me on last night’s episode.  You were not.  You were texting me, but we were not on the phone.”

Well, perhaps this mystery will be solved as the season progresses.  And hopefully Sutton will find her footing.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]