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Southern Charm Alum Naomie Olindo Says She’s Happy For Craig Conover’s Success

It’s an age old story with any exes.  Will they remain cordial enough to acknowledge and celebrate the other’s successes?  If they’ve changed themselves for the better or found a happier relationship, will the other regret and reminisce?

Such has been the speculation for Craig Conover and Naomie Olindo.  The duo were a couple and costars on Southern Charm until 2017.  Naomie’s frustration with Craig’s lack of initiative and focus led to the demise of their three year relationship, but not before us viewers got an ear full of her demeaning and belittling of what turned out to be a great success story; his sewing.

Not only does Craig have a successful virtual presence with his pillow line, Sewing Down South, but he opened a store in Charleston in May.  He’s taken his wares on tours, and also wrote a book named Pillow Talk.  He finally passed his bar exam and opened a law firm.

Yes, it’s really as if Craig matured and grew into himself.  He found his footing, and is a success story in his own right.  Maybe his pace was slower than others would have wanted, but that’s irrelevant now.


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However, fans are curious to know what Naomie thinks of his success.  And thankfully, she took some bait from an Instagram follower to clarify her opinion on Craig’s life.  PEOPLE broke the news and shared the relevant Instagram post.  On Friday, Naomie posted a selfie from her L’Abeye offices.  One fan wrote, “I wonder how she feel [sic] knowing the [sic] Craig’s is a a complete success.”  Naomie replied, “she feels really good.  And she is so so happy for him!”

Meanwhile, Naomie has been in the news after breaking up with long time love, Metul Shah.  The duo even moved to New York City together earlier in the summer, before calling it quits in July.  At the time, Naomie’s agent gave an exclusive statement to PEOPLE.  The agent revealed, “she is back in Charleston and plans to stay there for the time being.”

Naomie did give details at the time on why they split, but alluded to infidelity.  Her personal statement read, “nothing will be worse than losing my dad.  But this is a close second  Betrayal is never easy for anyone and I’m just so sorry to anyone else who has stumbled across those terrible messages.  I’m absolutely positive I will regret posting this tomorrow but so many of you have reached out saying you’re feeling a similar pain. I’m so so sorry.”


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She continued, “I am so thankful for all the support you guys are giving me right now.  Trust me, I need it.  This is incredibly embarrassing and I feel so lost, I just ask that you please stop sending/saying hateful things to Metul.”

In the midst of all this, Craig reached out to Naomie to offer support.  It seems like these two definitely have respect and friendship, though they’ve moved on from each other.

[Photo Credit: Bravo]