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Southern Charm Star Craig Conover Starts His Own Law Firm

Well, well, what do we have here? A person who followed through on their career goals? Someone with ambition? Someone who is mentally saying, “IN YOUR FACE!” to Naomie Olindo? Believe it or not, Southern Charm star Craig Conover might be the one. Fans of the show could very easily say they never thought this day would come. Historically, Craig has fallen victim to procrastination, which is just a nice way of saying partying got in the way of becoming a full adult with responsibilities or income.

While Craig may or may not have lied about finishing law school, eventually he completed the necessary credits to receive his degree. He even managed to pass the bar, which was great because Craig had never previously passed a bar in his life. Craig’s journey took a turn when he battled an addiction to Adderall and a bad relationship break-up. He gave the bourbon business a try, then developed a line of pillows and wanted to be the next Martha Stewart. Now we’ve come full circle and it’s back to being a lawyer. Folks in the greater South Carolina region facing legal peril can breathe a sigh of relief because they have a new mantra…”Don’t get run over, call Conover”.

It is nice to see at least one of the Southern Charm cast members not in the news because they don’t know what emojis mean or they are screwing baseball players. ALLEGEDLY. While Austen Kroll continues to pine for the national distribution of his tropical ale, yesterday on Instagram Craig announced the birth of his very own law firm. No word on whether or not pillows will be included in the price of counsel. Potential clients, don’t be swayed because Craig hasn’t been in a courtroom in a very long time, he is in fact a full-fledged attorney. Take that, Shep Rose!

Craig introduced his firm with the following caption, “Don’t get run over, call Conover! You may have seen me on TV, but my clients know me as their personal injury lawyer. Conover Law Firm can help YOU with your personal injury or workers’ compensation case. Visit [link in bio] to schedule a free case review.” Hopefully people won’t judge Craig on his previous lack of productivity. He used to have a penchant for doing his work around 4am when the whiskey buzz was starting to wear off and was fired from his “real job” as a result.


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This is a New Craig. A New New Craig, it seems. Craig might have reached full-fledged adulting status, even though his mission statement screams ambulance chaser. The Conover Law Firm website is up and running and promises to put you and your case first (as long as he’s not filming a show involving a severe lack of morals and large quantities of alcohol). The practice appears to be focusing on personal injury and workers’ compensation cases.

All kidding aside, congrats to Craig. Perhaps he can lend his expertise to people with zero access to the Bravo channel. The last thing you want in an attorney fighting for your rights is a history of drinking, avoiding responsibilities, and whatever was wrong with everyone’s hair on the last Southern Charm reunion. Hopefully Craig has found his stride after many attempts to establish a career in seemingly every outlet except law. So don’t forget, if someone mows you down and you need justice on your side, call Akim Craig!


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