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Karen Huger Explains Not Telling Wendy Osefo About Her Candle

Real Housewives of Potomac is officially off and running and sometimes its hard to keep up with all the drama that is unfolding. Which of course, makes for another stellar season. Right now, we are busy watching OG Gizelle Bryant try and mess with “ZenWen” Wendy Osefo about her husband’s cheating rumors. And Zen Wen isn’t having it. She epically read Gizelle, who is trying desperately to remain unbothered.

But one other source of drama unfolding is…..candles? Yes, candles. Karen Huger has been selling her La’Dame perfume for a few seasons now. But now she is showing off her business chops and expanding into candles. Not just any candles but 3 wick candles. Which apparently is very different than a 1 wick candle. Says Karen. So with Wendy coming out with her own candle line, it only made sense for her to hit up Karen for advice. But Karen didn’t take the opportunity to to tell Wendy about what she was up to with her own candle business, fueling accusations of shade. Karen took to Instagram to share her side and why she didn’t fill Wendy in on her candle plans.

On a lengthy post, Karen started, “The truth is … everyone knew I was coming out with a home fragrance candle and gift set… Wendy came to biz advice and I will always be there to support a sister!”

She continued, “I walk in my truth, La’Dame by Karen Huger began 3 years ago with discovery + development + a powerful plan! Locked and Loaded! I launched with a fragrance and shared, Sky’s the limit for La’Dame!! Fragrance, Wigs, Candles & Home … this is a multi billion dollar industry; there is room at the table for all of us. By chance if you don’t have a seat at the table I’ll get one for you. There is so much more – Buckle Up, are you ready? I am!”


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Aside from her Instagram post, Karen tried to clear things up in one of her confessionals on a previous episode. At the time she explained, “When Wendy came to me, it was not about me. It’s about Wendy. There’s a little difference in what Wendy and I are doing. The La’Dame candle is a three-wick candle, and hers is a one-wick candle. So mine can cover the area of a larger space, if you will.”

I love that Karen has the audacity to split hairs on the amount of wicks in the candles. How fitting of La Dame. Either way, I don’t think Karen was being shady. I just think she was keeping her business, and her ideas, close to the chest. Now let’s put the Great Candle Debate behind us and go back to our regularly scheduled RHOP drama.


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