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Wendy Osefo’s Husband Eddie Reportedly Cheated And Fathered A “Side Baby”

Season 5 of Real Housewives of Potomac welcomed their newest Housewife, Dr. Wendy Osefo, into the mix. Wendy joined us with her PhD, three children, and a hawt husband, Eddie Osefo. Eddie and Wendy brought their Nigerian culture and traditions to the Bravo screen. Eddie also brought a lot of calm to the Potomac house-husband dynamic.

During the finale of RHOP, Michael Darby and Chris Bassettt nearly came to blows. Meanwhile, Eddie stuck to the side and stayed out of the entire debacle. A great strategy, to be honest. Unfortunately for Eddie, word on the street is that season 6 won’t be so easy to watch from the sidelines.

A report from All About The Tea revealed that during the season 5 finale Eddie was aapproached by another house-husband with some serious accusations. It was reported the other husband “pulled Eddie aside and confronted him about his rumored bastard child and warned the newbie husband that his secret would be exposed.” Uhhhh, say what now? We all knew there was an east-coast Housewife cheating rumor, but did anyone see this coming?

Please note, none of this has been confirmed. That said, this isn’t the first indication of a cheating husband floating around the RHOP cast. The difference this time is that the gossip isn’t a blind item or full of speculation. The report states that a white woman is accusing Eddie of cheating on his wife and mother of his three children. But it gets worse. The “rock solid source” claims  “Eddie has a side baby and is sleeping with a white woman who works in his law firm.” Yikes.


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Fans of the show may remember that Eddie’s family hasn’t historically supported his marriage to Wendy, causing some strife in the relationship. They went so far as to skip out on the couple’s wedding. They’ve never even met their grandchildren! An in-law revealed, “Reality TV is beneath them so they are pissed!” A source also shared, “Eddie and his family will not kiss and make up. I have heard his family is even MORE mad at both him and Wendy for bringing their family issues to TV for a check.”

It’s asserted that “Wendy’s marriage issues will be exposed,” in the upcoming season of Real Housewives of Potomac. Hardly the first indication of drama facing Dr. Osefo. She’s also in the midst of taking on Gizelle Bryant via petty Instagram posts.

Season 6 of RHOP is set to air this summer. Get your binge watching in now if you’ve been sleeping on this one! It’s looking like it’s about to be a wild ride.


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