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Jen Shah Reportedly Outs One Of Her Employees

Jen Shah doesn’t come across as a woman of strong self-awareness or humility.  From what she’s shown of herself on the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Jen doesn’t take criticism well or absorb what her friends bring to her.

Meredith Marks has yet to air her grievances to Jen directly, but there is enough foreshadowing to suggest how she will implode.  Lisa Barlow tried to mediate between her two friends, and got an earful from both sides.

Meredith, along with most of the RHOSLC viewers, took offense to Jen’s social media rants against son Brooks Marks.  The most damaging being her publicly outing him online.  Regardless of how and what Brooks has said about his sexual preference, it’s certainly not up to Jen Shah to make any comments.  Especially regarding a friend’s child.  However, Meredith’s grievances are falling on deaf ears.  Jen apologized on the show, but hasn’t seemed to learn from her mistakes.

Recently, a series of Instagram DM messages surfaced, allegedly from Jen’s account, in which she outs one of her employees.  Instagram blogger RealityVonTease2 shared screenshots of the supposed exchange between Jen and an unnamed person.

The screenshots are captioned, “Jen Shah is officially being put on notice for queer baiting & for her performative allyship! Enough is enough. Her use of transphobic language, Brooks and NOW *allegedly* outing members of her OWN Shah Blah Squad. It’s evident that her behavior is a pattern, what was done to Brooks has been done to members of her OWN team. It’s inexcusable because a TRUE ALLY WOULD NEVER jeopardize someone’s safety and life like this.”


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According to the alleged conversation, Jen is discussing the sexuality of one of her team members with another person.  The first screenshot reads, “he snuck away on a mission to get a magazine bcuz spice girls was on the cover.”  It goes from this joking banter to a flat out assertion.  The name was blacked out for privacy and safety reasons. Jen continued, “….. is totally gay bcuz he was brought up in the church he plays the game of married and has two kids.”

Certainly, if this person is involved in the Morman Church that adds another dimension to how damaging a statement like this can be, besides the fact that it’s completely unprofessional.  Did Jen not have an HR department in her “marketing company?”

The third screenshot starts with Jen’s text saying, “he told me he’s gay.”  The recipient responded,”the tea.  He’s blatantly gay.”  Jen replied, “and like it’s obvious!! LOLOL.”  “You’re not Jen Shah’s ……..assistant and straight,” is responded.  Finally, Jen joked, “exactly!! I don’t have anyone straight working for me.”

While it has yet to be confirmed if these are real screenshots, Jen has made it clear she has no problem liking and retweeting posts about someone’s sexuality.  Brooks was one too many targets as it is.  It may be worth Jen’s time to take a step back and consider her behavior.


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