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Meredith Marks Takes Issue With Lisa Barlow And Heather Gay Standing By Jen Shah After She Was Arrested

Meredith Marks had some issues with Jen Shah from last season of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. Jen paid a visit to her RHOSLC co-star Meredith’s house. While doing high kicks on the couch in a very short skirt, Jen accidentally flashed her vagina at Meredith’s son, Brooks Marks. Brooks was traumatized by the event.

Meredith was also grappling with marital problems. The jewelry designer and her husband, Seth Marks, had been separated off and on for years. The only person that Meredith told was her friend of 10 years, Lisa Barlow.

The couple went to therapy and worked on their marriage, and they are in a good place now. But Jen spread rumors about Meredith’s marriage, and Meredith wasn’t pleased by Jen’s behavior.

During the Season 2 RHOSLC premiere, Meredith informed Lisa that she will not move forward with Jen. Meredith accused Jen of liking and reposting homophobic comments about her son, Brooks. Lisa was caught in the middle, but Meredith stood her ground. The calm and reserved Meredith of last season has turned in to a woman ready to ENGAGE!

Jen was arrested on March 30, 2021, and is facing federal charges. She is charged with conspiracy to commit money laundering and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Jen’s assistant, Stuart Smith, faces the same charges. They were reportedly involved in a telemarketing scheme. Jen plead not guilty, as did Stuart. This turn of events was disturbing.

Jen was filming with her RHOSLC co-stars right before she was arrested. She took a phone call from her husband, Sharieff Shah, and then said that the needed to leave right away. It is alleged that Sharieff tipped her off about her impending arrest.

Jenis maintaining her innocence to the ladies,” an insider told HollywoodLife. And some of the Salt Lake City Housewives are supporting herJen stated, “My girl Heather Gay was there for me from jump. Heather was there.” Apparently, Lisa was also there for Jen, but it took a while for her to assess the situation. Lisa was surprised, and saddened, by Jen’s arrest.


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Meanwhile, after Jen’s arrest, Brooks posted a video that was later shared by @housewivesofslc on Instagram. In the video, Brooks lip synchs to a Nicki Minaj song. The lyrics are, “She threw dirt on my name, ended up at her own burial.”

Meredith refuted claims that Brooks was shading Jen. She commented, “Not sure what you are all interpreting here but there are no hidden messages in his posts. Take it at face value rather than reading into it.”

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Meredith discussed her feelings about Lisa and Heather standing by Jen’s side. “My issues are not simply from her indictment. That plays a role because it triggers other issues, but my issues go quite a bit deeper,” Meredith explained. “Does it surprise me that [Heather and Lisa] chose to stand by her? Kind of, only because they had had other issues themselves prior to this,” she stated. Such as Jen fat-shaming her bestie, Heather? Or Jen’s nuclear melt-down in Las Vegas?

The jewelry designer said, “And so, you sort of are like, well, OK… But I can’t navigate someone else’s friendship or relationship, you know?” Lisa’s close bond with Jen is a major problem for Meredith as the new season begins. Lisa was the one person that Meredith knew on the RHOSLC cast. Meredith was deeply hurt that Lisa didn’t acknowledge the pain that Jen caused her family.

“Our interactions were always very, very different than they are now. We’ve had a very individual friendship,” Meredith said of her relationship with Lisa. “And so us now having more group relationships changes the dynamic between us as well. And so it’s sort of me learning, ‘OK, this is how Lisa handles this type of situation.'” It seems like Lisa is taking Jen’s side over Meredith’s, which still blows my mind.


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Meredith stated, “Lisa and I were definitely in a little bit of a rockier place, and we had some things we need to talk through and work through, which is part of friendship.” She continued, “At the end of the day, if somebody is really your true friend — truly a good friend — you are going to work through things that you don’t see eye to eye on, and you come to some kind of resolution, whatever that may be, and it’s more layers to the relationship.”

I really hope that Meredith and her doppelganger, Lisa, can work things out and repair their friendship. I love seeing these two in action.


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